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Desura Game Platform Goes Into Beta On Linux

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    Thanks! Part 3 is now live too.

    Depending upon how I go time-wise, I'm hoping to do a review of the beta client as well


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      For anybody who's interested, I've also written a review which covers the client itself, what it's like to publish a game, a comparison with similar apps (both on Linux and other platforms), and what sort of impact the public launch of the Linux client might have on the growth of "desktop Linux". Enjoy!


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        Cheers for that Cheeseness.
        It's interesting to read a little about publishing a game rather than simply using it as a client. I've been using Desura a little bit recently, and it's definitely filling a niche others don't with the indie and community focus.


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          Glad you enjoyed it

          It'll be really interesting to see how things move forward.


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            I really like the fact that you can download FOSS games on Desura too. The game modders out there really make some awesome stuff, but unfortunately most of them seem to just stick with closed source Windows only games. It's too bad because modding and FOSS games seem meant for each other. Modders produce awesome content, which is exactly what these games need. Desura is giving these games a lot of exposure, and I think it's gonna help bring these talent pools closer together.