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A Modular Rendering System For ioquake3 Engine

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  • A Modular Rendering System For ioquake3 Engine

    Phoronix: A Modular Rendering System For ioquake3 Engine

    The ioquake3 game engine, the open-source project built around id Software's Quake 3 engine release and is used by a number of multi-platform games, has its rendering system now modularized...

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    This fully realtime approach used in Doom 3, combined with the use of shadow volumes permitted more realistic lighting and shadows than in the previous generation of id's engines. The method used to create the shadow volumes is the subject of a patent by Creative, which Creative granted id permission to use in the Doom 3 engine, in exchange for supporting Creative's EAX advanced sound technologies
    i suppose that if Q4 source eventually goes out, it will be crippled.

    Creative and id Software struck a deal to incorporate EAX ADVANCED HD into the …


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      Originally posted by yoshi314 View Post
      Hope you are proven wrong, but sadly you probably is right

      But there must be some other way to calculate volume shadows?


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        Compared to id Tech 3, the id Tech 4 engine is largely rewritten in C++ and offers noticeably better graphics capabilities.
        The first 3D game engine to employ dynamic real time lighting and shadowing, albeit it's using the stencil shadowing technique thus you cannot get soft shadows and global illumination, it's another shortcoming is that id Tech 4 doesn't support (large) outdoors. In fact Doom 3 hardly had any outdoors.

        In some regards id Tech 4 is worse than id Tech 3 (Quake 3).


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          Committed to the ioquake3 SVN
          Perhaps it's time they modernized their SCM....git.


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            Originally posted by birdie View Post
            another shortcoming is that id Tech 4 doesn't support (large) outdoors. In fact Doom 3 hardly had any outdoors..
            So MegaTexture support won't be included?


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              I can't wait when I'll get ioquake3 to work on my TV :-)
              400MHz dual core MIPS (with FPU) + something over 100MB free RAM, and [email protected] should handle that, shouldn't it?


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                Originally posted by Qaridarium
                the first release with mega textur is 4.1 ETQW...
                I read here that it is possible to use megatextures (to a degree), but there are practical limitations due to it's prototypical form.