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Heroes of Newerth Goes Free-To-Play

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    You can't learn how to play by trying it in a couple of hours. To be good you have to learn the majority of the items and which hero is good for what. But thats the beauty about this game. When you get the hang of it, it really rocks.

    I am not playing it much due to limited time, but I keep getting back to it with a couple of friends.


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      Originally posted by Tares View Post
      HoN is a very difficult game. Graph below explain it very well:
      Funny to see how time has changed.
      Back then when I started playing EVE-Online, that game was on that black line.
      I would say it's still the same with both games, EVE and HoN. They're both hard to learn and hard to master.


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        Well, I never really paid attention to the games other than HoN on that chart. The line is just funny as it is

        Either way, now gamers can tryout HoN for free and stay if you like it. I'm with HoN ever since I've received a beta key.