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XreaL Is Still Around, But Without Any Release

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  • XreaL Is Still Around, But Without Any Release

    Phoronix: XreaL Is Still Around, But Without Any Release

    XreaL, the heavily modified Quake 3 game engine that its developer says is the most advanced open-source game engine, is still in-development even without an official release for this project that's been around for years...

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    Phoronix Is Still Around, But Without Any Research

    I think this article could really use more research.
    For example, it could at least write about informations publicly available on the web, or maybe even contact the XReaL community ?

    First hit for "ETXreaL": new page to attract contributors

    Second hit: binary snapshot release

    This project needs artists and especially texture artists to develop.
    We can't release a full game without replacing the proprietary assets.
    If you think you're up for the task, join #xreal on freenode, and show us your work.


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      Sigh. XReaL is NOT an "advanced game engine." Having pretty graphics does not a game engine make. Graphics engines and game engines are very, very different things. The id/Quake/ET engines are not advanced game engines. They're very special-purposed FPS engines which require massive amounts of code revamping and rearchitecting to build something other than the specific game they were made for.

      An advanced game engine is something like Unity3D, which can easily be used to build almost any kind of game you can imagine. As a _game engine_ rather than a _graphics engine_, its developers focused on building the tools and internal architecture necessary for building a diverse set of games.

      XReaL is a mediocre FPS engine with particularly great graphics. It's not an advanced game engine by any stretch of the imagination.


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        I guess Xreal will need a advanced editor in order to be a "advance game engine".
        I guess it will lack that, just like most others.


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          Originally posted by elanthis View Post
          XReaL is a mediocre FPS engine with particularly great graphics.
          You should clarify what the definition of mediocre is here, remember the engine (id tech 3) powers the highest selling game ever.


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            ETXreal is out

            It seems that ETXreal was finally realeased. Has anybody tested?