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Where can I get these now??

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  • Where can I get these now??

    What's going on with these developers/disributors? I missed the indie bundles so now when I go to buy Aquaria and Trine seperately they're nowhere to be found. Frozenbyte says "Comming Soon" and in the forums they say something about putting up Trine on Ubuntu Software Centre sometime. It irritates me that these titles have been out for some time on linux but I can't buy them outside of the indie bundles (which is useless now; being expired and all that ) I know I can get the binaries for Aquaria being open sourced, but that isn't the "Game" is it?

    Does anyone know where these titles can be purchased? (please don't tell me to buy the Windows version and run in Wine)

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      Yep that would be the thread I alluded to. Too bad I'm not using Ubuntu


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        The Frozenbyte games are available on Desura, so you should be able to get them there when Desura is released. According to the Linux Desura dev, it should launch in the next few months (probably the beta). I don't think anyone really knows what games will be ready at launch time though, but I'd guess that Frozenbyte's stuff will be on that list. They seem to be fairly Linux friendly.

        Aquaria is not on Desura, and I'm not sure if it will be in the near future. I hope so though.

        Even though I do use Ubuntu myself, I don't want to get tied into the Software Center. I think it's just a bad idea all around.


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          i'm sure they can earn much more money if the humble indie bundle stuff isn't end in time after a wile..

          for the linux market they just fail to sell linux games....

          and humble indie bundle fix that but they don't get it right... linux gamers need a permanently solution not only for a week.
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