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Space Pirates & Zombies - OGL but no linux

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  • Space Pirates & Zombies - OGL but no linux

    Game looks great and is available for windows with OSX coming soon
    BUT the dev's don't want to make a linux client and are instead spending alot of time getting it to work well with WINE

    how can we get them to reconsider and redirect their dev resource to linux-native

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    If Svartalf still hung around here he could probably convince them.

    Anyway, doing a cross-platform OpenGL game and not porting it to Linux seems like a waste. After all, Wine is available for OSX too...


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      posted teh other day

      Yup, it is being developed externally right now and is almost complete. We don't have an exact ETA, but I would assume it will drop within a month. It will also be SteamPlay enabled
      The Linux version is also being ported right now.


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        sod SPAZ. whatever they have done make it just not work with wine (start, but no matter the gfx option its 1fps on the menu...)

        there may or may not be a linux version.

        however, starfarer has a linux version.
        announced the same time difference is spaz went retail and this still in dev.

        the end goals are different tho, this has an aim of some big openended universe which u manage