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Frozenbyte Bundle Crosses $600k, Still Free Copies

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    Originally posted by raindog469 View Post
    Then I discovered that none of the games would play unless you had one of two specific brands of 3D cards.
    If you are indirectly implying here that you are under the belief that Trine and Shadowgrounds won't run on Intel chipsets (since the "two specific brands" would be ATI and Nvidia), that is an incorrect statement. Trine and Shadowgrounds do run on sufficiently-recent Intel IGPs (from my testing, 965G series and later). But, keeping in mind that Intel IGP hardware itself is significantly less capable than discrete chipsets from ATI or Nvidia (or even IGPs from ATI or Nvidia), you may not get as high of a frame rate as you desire. It depends on which specific Intel chipset you have, and the other specs of your system, like the amount of RAM, the processor, etc.

    For a particularly good experience, running the G45 chipset or Sandy Bridge (once SNB bugs are fixed in Mesa and the kernel) should give you a great game of Trine -- you just need libtxc_dxtn and Eric Anholt's support for GL_ATI_draw_buffers and the GLSL portion of GL_ARB_draw_buffers.


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      Originally posted by schmidtbag View Post
      lol no, when i buy a video card i expect it to work the way as advertised. i shouldn't have to donate money toward corporations who should have it done right the first time around.

      if you're referring to open source drivers then i totally agree. but nobody is going to do a multi-os game bundle (that is mainly windows users) and have money go towards linux open-source video drivers.
      Of course i was referring to open drivers. The closed ones pretty much are ok feature and performance wise.

      It could be an option (along the ones that are available now) if the bundle people wanted it and if there was a foundation that would put the money towards that. I don't believe its going to happen since noone seems to care so much about open drivers.


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        Originally posted by DeiF View Post
        OilRush "terrain" is just a plain flat ground (actually water, but that doesn't matter).
        Not from the screenshots I've seen. I've seen icebergs and mountainous islands, and I can imagine that they'd have reefs and the like as well. There's plenty to it besides just endless uninterrupted water.

        And who preorders anyway?
        Lots of people. That's kinda why companies still do that whole thing.

        It's much more common on console titles where physical discs are still the norm for sales (at least earlier on in a game's lifecycle), and hence availability or lines are a concern. PC titles often include some kind of small bonus DLC for pre-orders, like what Fallout: New Vegas did (it had four different pre-order bonus content packs, and which one you got depended on which reseller you pre-ordered from; which is a slightly ingenious if obnoxious way of getting the desperate losers^W^Wenthusiasts to pre-order four copies -- and just a way to tick off everyone who wanted to play Hardcore mode but didn't pre-order from Gamestop).


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          I tested trine with some mesa drivers, it starts with r300g, r600g and intel q45 (can not test snb on my own). Speed was really slow but it also looks differently to a system with nvidia or fglrx binary driver. So please do some screenshots when you want to tell me that it runs "correctly" with mesa drivers. I even tried a hack mentioned in the frozenbyte forum but it basically looked still wrong.

          You can be sure that i used absolutely latest oss drivers, because i was testing my own scripts... Had to add a more tricky fallback to my mesa oss script yesterday because on a test system the 2x compile was not enough. It failed twice (on a single core compared to the "usual" one fail with a quad) with a libxml error (no idea what causes this). Now i rewrote it and allow up to 10 tries to compile mesa - i log every compile try so you can easyly check later where it stopped.


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            Trine works with r600g, but the colours are wrong like Kano says. On my 4550, the speed is not amazing, but it's playable. The colours make it a bad experience at the moment, though.

            I can't imagine that this would be a big fix, however.


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              For all frozenbyte games you can press f8, then

              /show_fps 1

              and you will see the fps.