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Looks Like Source-Engine Garry's Mod On Linux

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  • Looks Like Source-Engine Garry's Mod On Linux

    Phoronix: Looks Like Source-Engine Garry's Mod On Linux

    It looks like Garry's Mod, the sandbox physics game built atop the Source Engine that began as a Half-Life 2 mod, is working on Linux. Garry Newman himself explicitly mentions the Linux code is now compiling...

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    Pretty sure this just the gamecode he did compile (like the one that is included in Valve's HL2 SDKs). The renderer code isn't available to the public anyway.


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      But does it mean there is a GMod Linux Client ? If so, does it mean that something is coming ?

      Or is it a server code ? But i can't find any server on gmod webpage? So ? Linux client ?


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        Or maybe he's pulling Michael's chain


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          pfff, I call that bullshit. That guy (Garry) only compiled some server things or whatever. _If_ the source engine will come to linux, it'll be because/with Postal 3, if they don't distribute a linux client, there'll _never_ be a source version for linux that is capable of running CS:S or other games based on it. It'll always be the server version that is running on linux.

          As for Steam...the day bug #1 on launchpad is fixed, there'll be a steam version for linux. Not one nanosecond before that.


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            Yes, found it :*this is completely bullshit. This is a dedicated server :

            Welcome to the Garry's Mod Wiki. Here you will find tutorials, resources and documentation about Garry's Mod and its Lua API. The wiki is a public resource and maintained by Facepunch and the community. Want to make your own changes to the wiki? Chec..

            That's it.


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              the wording does indeed suggest a Linux gamer client.

              Thing is, Valve isn't exactly blind. Unlike other publishers / developers, Valve is smart enough to see opportunities for growth. Unlike many other publishers / developers in the PC market these days, Valve started back during a time when video gaming was dominated by game consoles from Sega, Nintendo, and Atari. Valve was in that first group of developers, along with IDSoftware, IonStorm, and Epic Megagames that pushed Windows gaming into a true competitor to console gaming. Valve was the first developer to really see value in a long-tail economic sales model delivered through a digital download service.

              I don't think Gabe Newell, or any of the older Valve staff, have really forgotten those days of putting out games into a tiny marketshare... and then forcing that marketshare to grow. Too many other publishers these days (EA, Activision, Take2) expect a platform base to have a huge marketshare first before releasing, or even developing, games for that platform base. Case in point, no developer outside of Ubisoft had any serious plans for Nintendo Wii. The sales success of the Nintendo Wii saw publishers and developers scrambling to support the platform, with extremely limited success since there had been no resources dedicated to that platform and all of the major development teams had already been trained for PS3 / Xbox 360.

              I think Valve is looking at stuff like Minecraft, HumbleBundle, and the vibrant user-communities surrounding games like WarSow and Cube2 / Red Eclipse / Assault Cube, and wants to have a piece of those pies. My opinion is that Valve sees growth opportunity in "desktop Linux". I don't think Valve is looking at Desktop Linux, or Embedded Linux (Android / WebOS), as an immediate multi-million sales bonanza. I think Valve sees it as a marketshare that they can get in on, and then force to grow.


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                I still love how Phoronix are holding onto their announcement that "STEAM FOR LINUX: CONFIRMED"

                Newsflash phoronix... its comming upto a year since you made that announcement. That aint a fucking announcement of something that is confirmed

                Phoronix really need to sort out their journalism, if they can't even admit they jumped the gun on announcing STEAM for LINUX there really is no hope for them

                just own up simple as that. Maybe you do know something, maybe it is coming BUT to hold onto the "see see its confirmed" a year later is just fucking pathetic, that is an educated speculation NOT an fucking announcement
                With PostalIII linux client put into speculation the existance of SOURCE (Let alone STEAM) or linux is brought into speculation YET Phoronix hold onto some cravat they made a year ago.. THAT ISN'T A FUCKING ANNOUNCEMENT, NOT EVEN CLOSE TO A CONFIRMED ANNOUNCEMENT if

                #1 valve say no
                #2 nothing has changed


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                  Is there something lacking in Phoronix journalist education or something? is there some secret definition of confirmed that I am missing

                  Phoronix (and others) may have been told by Valve insider that STEAM (note steam not source) is coming to linux. To then go and spread headlines CONFIRMED when at best its informed from a reliable source is just pathetic.

                  To then hold onto that statement coming upto a year later is just retarded.
                  Retract that headline, change it in someway because it isn't confirmed. For it to be confirmed there must be some independent citation while the ONLY citation out there is from valve a month later say they are not working on a linux STEAM client (existance of alpha binaries or not)


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                    LAN in Munich

                    Hey Michael,

                    I'll stay out of the political discussion about the source engine. ;-)

                    But independant of the reason for a session, be sure to announce a LAN in a Munich Biergarten early and prominently enough on the website! I'll sure try to attend