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  • The ark tech preview

    Well, Im pleased to officially annouce The Ark, version 0.1, codename Shikai.
    I have released this very small tech preview to test the game on a wide range of hardware and get some feedback. Currently you can complete a couple of quests, if you dont get killed. You can talk to NPCs, receive equipment, use it (weapons do damage and armor does protection and they are visible when you equip it) and get XP for the quests. Has a lot of bugs of course.
    Any contribution is welcome and also I would like to mention that from now on Im officially requesting for donations for the project (via PayPal). If somebody is interested, I will post the details.
    Only Linux version is available, the Windows release will come as soon as we find how to solve some really weird errors (or when I discard the VC project and build it with CodeBlocks/gcc).