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The Source Engine On Postal III Is Still Coming To Linux

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    Originally posted by deanjo View Post
    Isn't one of the big appeals to linux are the "options"?

    If they don't like playing Postal then they could always try Padman or
    Heh... Yes, indeed... And I'm just working on more options as are others...


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      Originally posted by numasan View Post
      I agree, we don't know what's happening, but that makes Phoronix "reporting" on Steam/Source for Linux even more embarrassing. Because of that some people may still hold their breath thinking they'll be able to download and play Half-Life, L4D, Portal, etc through Steam on Linux, when it may only end up with Postal 3 being ported by a third party (I guess buying the engine allows you to do a port to whatever platform).

      There's no reason to think Valve would include the changes in their main engine, and even if they did for some reason (maybe as a bullet point for other licensees: "Cross-platform!") there is no guarantee they will release their franchise games for Linux, like what has happened with other games using id Softwares engines.

      No matter what happens, right now it's a joke and the possible nice surprise is ruined.
      Thanks for the solution.