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  • PlasmaClient for Myst online


    PlasmaClient is a replacement for the official MOULa client program released by Cyan. The aim of the project is to be fully compatible with the official client, while also supporting new platforms and eventually new features.

    PlasmaClient is in a very early stage of development, and is changing often. You might be interested in screenshots and the FAQ.

    Why PlasmaClient?

    Cross Platform: PlasmaClient doesn't just run on Windows. It works on Mac OS X and Linux too!
    Better physics: PlasmaClient doesn't suffer with the physics issues that Cyan's MOULa client does. Kicking Eddie will never be so fun!
    Open Source: PlasmaClient's source code is available online. Anyone can see it, use it, or contribute to it.
    Better language support: PlasmaClient supports Unicode which means that displaying Chinese is just as easy as displaying English.

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    Some one please compile it for linux >.<, I would do it myself, but I'm still a linux newbie.


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      Compiling on archlinux

      Hi ! I tried to compile it on my archlinux bo. libhsplasma compiles fine
      plasmaclient does not, because the boost version shipping with arch currently is 1.46, which deprecated a few functions in boost::filesystem3

      I get these errors :

      home/xglurb/Developpement/plasma-client/plasmaclient/PCAgeMgr.cpp:62:46: erreur: ?class boost::filesystem3::directory_entry? has no member named ?leaf?
      /home/xglurb/Developpement/plasma-client/plasmaclient/PCAgeMgr.cpp:63:54: erreur: ?const class boost::filesystem3::path? has no member named ?file_string?
      /home/xglurb/Developpement/plasma-client/plasmaclient/PCAgeMgr.cpp:67:37: erreur: ?const class boost::filesystem3::path? has no member named ?file_string?
      /home/xglurb/Developpement/plasma-client/plasmaclient/PCAgeMgr.cpp:68:45: erreur: ?const class boost::filesystem3::path? has no member named ?file_string?
      /home/xglurb/Developpement/plasma-client/plasmaclient/PCAgeMgr.cpp: In member function ?void PCAgeMgr::ILoadAge(const plString&, unsigned int, const plString&)?:
      /home/xglurb/Developpement/plasma-client/plasmaclient/PCAgeMgr.cpp:131:42: erreur: ?class boost::filesystem3::path? has no member named ?file_string?


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        I ran into the same ultimately, it's quite annoying. I did digging on the site for libboost, and found that 1.46 uses filesystem type 3 by default instead of two. I tried rebuilding boost per some instruction to disable filesystem ver 3, but didn't change the same errors you got. I even compiled 1.45 which supposedly doesn't use 3 by default either, but I still get the same reference errors about not liking type 3. I'm going to see if i can find 1.42 it wants exactly and see - unfortunately im stuck on ubuntu 9.10 due to crap ati drivers, so I can't get newer 1.3x, and seems only 1.40 is in the repos for newest ubuntus. ugh.

        On a side note, I did hack around with PCAgeMgr.cpp that contains the offending filesystem references within boost, but to no avail. I tried defining NOT to use ver3 filesystem, but same results. I'm really not too sure why it isn't, but I'm wondering if its worth bugging the devs to maybe consider using an if to watch for boost versions and adapt appropriately.


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          Hmm, no luck with boost 1.42 either - I still get references to filesystem3. Must be bullet or maybe even plasma itself? I hate to bug the devs, but it's kinda broken to most people under linux I think because of boost::filesystem.


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            It should not be a problem, I mean, boost is supposed to be crossplatform. If I have time, I will give a look at it, I use boost for several things (but not filesystem though).