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GameTree Linux Is Trying To Be Its Own Steam-Like Platform

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    Originally posted by yogi_berra View Post
    Personal experience with the use of both lcms and Oryanos d-;
    oh and this:

    Sony is not the only studio that requires a decent color management system, they're just the only one that's bothered sharing.


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      Originally posted by L33F3R View Post
      1. I have stated that i understand this. I responded by stating that it still takes (some) man hours.
      This depends on HOW you code it as much as anything else. If you're abstracting correctly it takes less- and if you're doing a MacOS version, you're doing most of the work already. Same story applies for anything targeted for Android, surprisingly. I wouldn't mind seeing a few of those games that recently showed up in the market from EA and others on something a bit larger...

      2. Never have i said this or have even dreamed of such.
      You need to realize when you try the argument you ran up the flagpole in the manner that you did, claiming it's going to take manhours that you're also intrinsically running the second item up there unless you qualified it like you did just now with your response- which isn't a strawman and it was a valid response until you qualified it.

      You seem to think it's a bigger deal than it is. In truth, it's not so big a deal if you're coding clean to begin with- and much less so if you're targeting something intrinsically similar or identical to a Linux desktop. Most stuff we're arguing over has no good reason other than they just don't have sales figures to know the market enough to publish a title.


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        Originally posted by yogi_berra View Post
        Personal experience with the use of both lcms and Oryanos d-; diminish your argument by pointing out the very thing I might've that actually IS a decent enough framework. As you said...Sony's caring- but they're the only one that shared...

        But fewer pirated copies than what you imply.
        Let's just agree to disagree on that one... You and I both are just pulling figures out of our backsides based on gut feels on that one... :P

        How many acres are we talking about here? I'm in the mood for a good real estate scam.

        You appear to be arguing from an emotional perspective that the platform has no problems, he is arguing from the pragmatic perspective that the platform has issues that very few are effectively touching and until those are addressed (along with the market issues) its not worth spending the money to port.
        Emotional perspective?

        I do this as a side business. If I had access to AAA content, I'd very probably be able to make a living at it like Ryan Gordon has over time. There's a reason I simply laughed your remark off when you asked for a citation there.

        What issues that very few are effectively touching?

        Video? I might buy that a bit- but it's there enough with NVidia and ATI to be worth the trouble otherwise and it's improving (It should be noted that it's NOT rosy within the Windows world... It doesn't "just work" for everything on all applications- contrary to popular belief to the otherwise... I had 6 months of finding this out when I worked sustaining engineering on the OpenGL stack with AMD in Marlborough, MA some 5+ years ago...).

        Sound? OpenAL-Soft seems to work pretty well and is the same as what you'd deal with on the API edge on MacOS. If you're using Miles, you have a Linux answer that works. If you're using FMOD EX, IrrKlang, and several others, it's the same story. If you don't like dealing with OpenAL directly cAudio seems to be a good answer.

        Multiple Distros? I think shipping Ballistics, Caster, and Cortex Command in a manner that works pretty much on all modern distributions with no appreciable problems shows that it CAN be done- and it's not an overly hard thing and FatELF wouldn't have fixed it (It would've made it a bit cleaner for me to distribute things, but that's about the sum of that discussion...)

        So...what is the problem you're alluding to?