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Is it safe to buy online from Tuxgames ?

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  • Is it safe to buy online from Tuxgames ?

    Hi all !

    I would like to buy several games only availables through Tuxgames. It's has been long since I last bought few games from this website. The downtime and the apparent lack of professionalism annoy me, I wonder if this is secure enough. Could you please give me your point of view before I make my decision ?



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    Bought something from them a couple years ago. The payment process was all encrypted and secure, but the order history and download pages were not encrypted by default (so the download links could potentially be sniffed). Had a problem with my order that was resolved quickly, and they added some extra clarifying text to a game's pre-order page in response to one of my questions, but got no replies to any other sort of inquiries (ex: asked them to delay a shipment).

    Overall: good service; recommended. If anything goes wrong, your credit card company or Paypal will side with you anyway.


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      Unfortunately I've had a pretty bad experience with them though it was a long time ago. When Doom 3 came out I preordered it came out and I heard nothing from them. After 3 months of trying to contact them and hearing nothing I had to do a charge back. After about 6 months I finally got a call saying they were sorry and asking if I still wanted the game. By then I already had it from newegg.


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        Thanks for the feedback. I bought several games few days ago. I will give you my own feedback. I hope they are still serious.


        Happy new year !


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          I did not receive my games yet. It seems I am not the only one in that case.

          service at does not work. What can I do ?


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            Not much you can do apart from from trying to contact them via twitter or via facebook.

            Seems after all the issues with the servers they haven't bothered setting up the email accounts again.

            I wouldn't ever bother with tuxgames mate it's such an outdated site. If you had searched this forum you would have seen other people also have had problems of not receiving anything from them.


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              Just an update :
              -> As I was unable to reach them (email server does not seem to work), I contacted Zero_dogg, from Tuxgames Support.

              apparently they are aware of the problems. zero_digg managed to ship my games, so I should receive them shortly.

              Next time I will purchase from a Polish online store and see if it more interesting.

              Tuxgames used to be the most reliable and complete online store for Linux games. Unfortunately, lack of communication only prevents new buyers to use their WebSite.


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                Originally posted by duglambier View Post
                Next time I will purchase from a Polish online store and see if it more interesting.
                I bought thirteen games from the Wupra store:


                This is great store for linux gamers