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Humble Indie Bundle #2 Tops $1.3M, Adds More Titles

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  • Humble Indie Bundle #2 Tops $1.3M, Adds More Titles

    Phoronix: Humble Indie Bundle #2 Tops $1.3M, Adds More Titles

    Over the weekend the Humble Indie Bundle #2 topped one million US dollars and the money has kept flowing in since. The expiration of the Humble Indie Bundle #2 was also extended by a few days and now the Humble Indie Bundle #2 has surpassed $1.3M USD, which is more than the original Humble Indie Bundle had generated. All of the original Humble Indie Bundle #1 games have also now been added to the second bundle...

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    wow nice i dit not buy the first one because i buy world of go as a single game.. and i do not buy the same game 2 times.

    and now i get the first bundle for free because of my 13,37dollar payment.

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      It is a bit weird, basically all "old" customers got the bundle 1 games but for "new" customers:

      "For new customers, we're trying an experiment: to unlock the Humble Bundle #1 inside of your bundle, just choose a price that is above average (currently $7.33 and dropping)."

      I don't think that's fair to the new buyers. I bought both but then there is a free choice of the money you want to spend it should be the same result for everyone or not?


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        Depends how much you pay. If you have the first bundle, don't bother paying above average. If you do pay above average, it's your choice. And if you don't have the first bundle, they are simply setting a price for it.


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          I have feared that some of these sudden bonuses could be seen as unfair by some people. Unexpectedly extending the deadline all the time could make it seem meaningless. Fortunately people have been gracious enough to remain positive about what is, whichever way you look at it, a great deal.


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            (Stupid Edit limit)

            And this also overlooks a (rather irrelevant) technicality that it also means you are now entitled to two copies of the bundle 1 games... So that copy of World of Goo I installed on someones laptop at work to keep their kid happy...

            I was sorely tempted this time around to decide how much I was willing to pay, and simply pay it in a series of $1 donations


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              I paid $30 for this and still feel like a cheapskate. Especially now that they've given us the first HIB as well.


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                I think it is more important to reach more people than to raise the average price. I would not depend how much somebody payed, because if you don't want to pay it is not that hard to get the links anyway. But there should be a positive effect when you do.


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                  Originally posted by meklu View Post
                  I paid $30 for this and still feel like a cheapskate. Especially now that they've given us the first HIB as well.
                  So long as you ticked the Linux box, we will forgive you


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                    Yeah, this bothers me because it reinforces the fact that they're still thinking in terms of selling copies. Average contribution shouldn't matter in itself because the defining feature of the bundle is that there is no fixed price per copy.