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Here's A Video Of Unigine OilRush On Linux

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    Originally posted by mirza View Post
    Video is slow like hell, but I guess most of CPU time was used on video encoding.
    I highly doubt he was encoding on the fly while recording. That would be.... completely retarded.


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      Originally posted by Qaridarium View Post
      i watch the vid but i think TA-spring beat that stuff.

      ta spring only lag on tesselation but i think they will fix that.
      After reading the Wikipedia page about TA Spring, I don't think it supports anywhere near the graphics features that Unigine's engine does, not sure about physics though. I wish there was more focus on improving open source graphics engines that can be easily adapted for any game type. Why Ogre3D and other engines don't seem to get any use in most open source game titles is beyond me.

      Originally posted by madjr View Post
      the hyper zoom, speed effects are amazing, beautiful graphics.
      Originally posted by mat69 View Post
      Imo having parts of the UI blur while zooming/turning around etc. sucks. Other than that there is hardly anything to comment on, simply not enough information to gain from this video.
      Agreed, it might look cool but it is helpful? Probably take out a lot of the effects on the HUD at the very least. It doesn't make sense any way to have the HUD blur while you move with the HUD. Maybe shake a bit, but not totally blur. As for the blur elsewhere, probably needs to be dropped a few notches. Or, simply put, it might be good just to make it more realistic? Not that realism is always good for gameplay experiences of course but in this case it may add to the game depth to have it behave in a somewhat more realistic way unless that kind of feel isn't what you're after. Things blurring some up close but not those slow-moving things that are far away, etc?