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Zero Ballistics 2.0 For Linux Finally Released

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  • Zero Ballistics 2.0 For Linux Finally Released

    Phoronix: Zero Ballistics 2.0 For Linux Finally Released

    The Linux gaming news continues to pour in this week. While we're still busy with our exclusive copy of Unigine OilRush and waiting to see what the surprise is for Humble Indie Bundle #2 raking in more than one million dollars, we have just received word that Zero Ballistics 2.0 has been released...

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    It seems like the website is down.


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      It's back up.


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        In case of sound problems:

        rm shared_libs/

        then try again. It is even more fun than before, maybe a bit too few levels. You can destroy trees and there are new weapons like laser, flame thrower or guided missiles (it follows your aiming till it hits the target).


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          It's down for me as well.


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            The site has been phoronixed.


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              I have been waiting for that!


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                You can directly dl it from


                also you find the source code there, maybe somebody could fix the fullscreen Linux issue, but it works fine inside a window. There are bots in on official server, those are really weak, but you can train a bit. use I to configure your weapons for the next tank, use shift, f , left+right mouse key to activate weapons, you can activate all the same time, just that some need a break like laser or mg. Left mouse weapon is the normal tank gun which is using ballistic, mg/laser is just hitting where you point to. When you fire a guided missle with f be sure you stay long enough on the target as it is following till impact.


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                  I want sharks with friggen lasers on their heads. Hmmm, might be a good add-on for Oilrush.


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                    The code seems to be completely FLOSS, including all dependencies with one exception: raknet. Am I overlooking something about raknet and there is a FLOSS license for it?

                    And under what license is the Zero Ballistics data distributed?