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For Those Hoping To See UT3 On Linux This Holiday...

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  • For Those Hoping To See UT3 On Linux This Holiday...

    Phoronix: For Those Hoping To See UT3 On Linux This Holiday...

    Unreal Tournament 3 was released for the PC over three years ago, and as sad as it may be, if the Linux client was released today it still would be rated highly in terms of its graphical capabilities and game-play simply due to the lack of other first-rate commercial games on Linux. The Linux gaming scene is beginning to improve thanks, in particular, to efforts by Unigine Corp and another company, but 2010 was not very exciting while 2011 should be much better...

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    Why keep opening this wound over and over again. I had this game dead and buried 3 months after it launched. Let the dead rest, let's stop digging this corpse up continuously. Besides it's not even a particularly good game.


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      Why ?

      I don't understand still, where is a problem ?
      UE3 was ported to another platforms without any problem even it uses totally different architecture ! But for Linux it is a really big problem ? Huh
      It smells with a marketing and big corporations like microsoft => Linux platform can't get so good engine or even games based on this one, because MONEY.


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        yes! i hope this will end of ut3 related "news".

        even if the linux port of the game would come out nowadays it would be little point in doing so.


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          3 year old game, it doesn't sound likely that they would gain much revenue from continuing the work required to publish the client, not to mention support it. I think it comes down to the good old ?'s here.

          Sad, I have always enjoyed playing UT on Linux, I was hoping to have an excuse to buy UT3 and now I won't have. I doubt I am joined by many people though which is likely why this got canned.


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            "Games for Linux overall" - game over.

            At least we have Wine.


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              Well, I don't think it's much of an issue of UT3 on Linux now, it's overall the Unreal Engine 3 on Linux. UT3 is just one game, but there are plenty of other awesome games on UE3 like Mass Effects, Mirror's Edge, Batman Arkham Asylum etc. The list just goes on, and since there is no UE3 on Linux, we are missing out of a lot of great games which might have native clients if it was made compatible with Linux. Especially since UE3 is pretty taxing and has the infamous DirectInput bug, so using Wine is often not a good solution.


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                I don't care about UT and EPIC anymore


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                  Michael, if you're going to ignore devs and keep repeating yourself, you should at least make it look like you're not just dropping SEO-friendly links and terms into, yet ANOTHER article about something that was already covered.

                  What's next? Daily reminders on Steam for Linu- Oh..


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                    Yes, its dead... and the only one who seems to have a hard time accepting that is YOU.