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Unigine Announces The Three New Linux Games

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  • Unigine Announces The Three New Linux Games

    Phoronix: Unigine Announces The Three New Linux Games

    In continuation of yesterday's news (read it if you haven't), Unigine Corp has expected announced the three winners of its Linux game development competition. The three winning teams that will now be granted Unigine Engine licenses to develop their titles include Kot-In-Action, Gamepulp, and MED-Art...

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    Congratz to the winners, hehehe!



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      Holy shit! Painkiller Ressurection and Steel Storm! Now those games are FUN.

      Now if I count a new C&C + Tower Defence RTS = Oilrush, then Linux will probably get one of the best (read = fun) games made in the last... say... 10 years! (not counting GoldenEye:Source and Duke Nukem Forever scheduled to be released very soon (completion now in hands of Gearbox)).


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        Congratulations to the winners! Steel Storm is really fun so I'm eager to see what Kot-In-Action will come up with and the puzzle/platform adventure game that Gamepulp is planning sounds like exactly the type of game I'd like to see. I never played Painkiller: Resurrection so I can't comment on that but hopefully MED-ART's game winds up kicking ass whether it's a FPS or not.


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          Damn, lol'd hard at the name "Anderson 2: Rise of Cthulhu"

          Mr. Anderson, meet Cthulhu.


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            I'd really like to see a customizable-mech combat game along the lines of the Armored Core series.


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              oh no !!!! only a puzzle game
              why not tetris or pacman

              The third winner of a Unigine engine license us MED-ART and they are the game studio that previously worked on the commercial PainKiller: Resurrection game.
              PainKiller: Resurrection suxx a lot !, bad FPS game

              why why only these game


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                I think I was assuming they were looking for indie studios only.... Giving licenses to established studios is somewhat disappointing.


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                  This a the most best fucking news from a long time.
                  I mean, those guys at unigine deals a stuff that no-one has ever made that much before.
                  I'm still confident that the linux community, is, in gaming, much more powerfull than it's supposed to be.
                  I'm confident too that Linux title will help other editors to systematically release Linux clients, as they will see that the linux market can't be ignored completely.


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                    Really really really REALLY good news for long time. I am very happy to see three linux games emerging. But at the same time i am little bit sad that there weren't consept art or more in depth description about the games. All the games are probably must buy for me just because of the principle.