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A hint has been dropped over at Wolffire Studios...

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  • A hint has been dropped over at Wolffire Studios...

    Humble Bundle #2

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    Yep. I was just about to start a thread about it myself.

    I got a hint in an email just now from them announcing that purchasers of the first Humble Indie Bundle can now access their games on Steam:
    Dear Humble Indie Bundle customer, thanks for your purchase back in May! I have some good news regarding your games. Since launching the bundle, our most common request has been the ability to download it on Steam. Well, I'm happy to announce that Valve has made this possible -- your personal Steam redemption key is below.


    If you're a Steam user, you know what to do. Otherwise, here is a blog post with all of the details on how to access your Humble Bundle on Steam. Don't worry your direct game downloads will always be active on your Humble Bundle key page, which is linked here for your convenience.

    P.S. we have been hard at work on the second Humble Indie Bundle and will send you another email soon to let you know when it's ready. If you don't want to be notified when it launches though, please feel free to unsubscribe.

    Jeffrey Rosen
    Humble Bundle
    I'm way looking forward to this. I'm broke but my wallet is ready!


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      Maybe they could add the new caster game, would be certainly cool.


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        Props on not forcing customers to install steam to re-download the games.


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          @curaga: Heh... This bunch is the bomb...and it shows.

          @Kano: I can but try to convince Mike to pitch his hat in...I'm just a bit busy with the other's about to go gold as you know.