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CodeWeavers Brings WoW Cataclysm To Linux

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    It's pretty rude to label world of warshit a game, in light of all the classics.

    I once was addicted to games, when my only challange and joy/fantasy was my Playstation. And what else could I do? At that time I was young. I biggest challange that I ever got was 1098-7859. And my potential 'friends' were doing... er... trying to recreate the Titanic in the form of a hut with insufficient wood. The obvious reply I got was "Stop trying to know everything better than anyone else!", untill they ran out of wood @20% after a year and a half, but hey...

    Oh they ended up building houses... from concrete...


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      Originally posted by Ragas View Post
      thier code is reling totaly on wine
      And, who do you think is creating Wine? The project lead for Wine, Alexandre Julliard, works full-time for Codeweavers. There are most certainly other people/companies contributing to Wine, but take a look at the git logs to see where all the DirectX and many many other contributions come from.

      Insisting that Wine get mentioned when the story is about the CrossOver product is like insisting every Enterprise RedHat story must mention Fedora. It's just rude to the people who create both and are trying to make a living on the for-pay/supported version while also giving you the free version.


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        It's funny how this article mentions that Crossover brings WoW Cataclysm to OSX as well, since there's a native OSX client for WoW

        On another note, Cata is just great
        I haven't seen a login queue on our server for ages, but last night I had 1200+ people ahead of me and had to wait 45 minutes to get into the game. A guildy who tried to login 30 minutes later had to wait almost 2 hours.

        WoW is back in full effect, in 4 hours I replaced most my epics with greens already


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          People still play this game?


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            Originally posted by Ragas View Post
            Jeah sure. I have nothing against the codewaver guys. It's just that thier code is reling totaly on wine so it's wierd not to mention wine.
            Wine is open-source, so where's the problem?


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              Originally posted by BlackStar View Post
              People still play this game?
              Yeah, there's nothing else like it, so everyone keeps coming back with each expansion. Plus it's gotten so much more player friendly. No more travelling for hours, no more waiting for dungeons, no more yelling in chat "Looking For Member for Dungeon X".. Just open the dungeon finder and within 5-10 minutes you are teleported into a dungeon with a good group and ready to go.

              Basically you can log in, find a group and finish a dungeon in an hour and log out again. The only reason I came back because I have a fulltime job in a city 2 hours away and a girlfriend who lives with me so I don't have much time to spare.


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                Originally posted by V!NCENT View Post
                Now available on Linux; wasting your life! Instant addiction for losers, on your desktop! Click that animal. Click it again! now 2 billion new quests, made with our award winning Randumb Quest Generator 2! Each time you'll level up slower so you can benifit from our rich subscription based netcode servers with 1MB storage of data per luser. Yeah; that $25/month is needed to get our servers going.

                So what are you waiting for? Get it now!
                The argument of "my hobby vs. your hobby" is old, tired, and slightly pathetic.

                Especially since you doubled the price from what it really is, etc.

                Different strokes for different folks, now go amuse yourself with UT2K4 or whatever your, much more enlightened I'm sure, form of entertainment is.


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                  Everybody thinks of chess as a game. A classic example, though maybe not comparable to most videogames. Now take away the thinking part and replace it by; the more you play, the more Queens you get. Now take away the token part and replace it with; the more you play, the higher the level of your queen... fight!

                  Still a game? No wait; make the chess board twice as large, give each side triple the players. Fight!

                  Now we got World of Warcraft. Let's bring out Chess:Cataclysm. Go watch a DVD with a stunning intro and give each chess team a never ending story that's more of a situation. Paint the white pieces red and make it dumber and faster. We also have imbalance, so change the queens movement and hirarchy with the horse. Start again.

                  Now charge 25$ per month to unlock the chessboard and call it a game.

                  Now let's not forget to add a Chess:Cataclysm convention in RL and have people dressed like chess pieces.

                  Wow, what a nice game!


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                    Running fine on Wine 1.3.8