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Unigine OilRush Linux Game Delayed To March 2011

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  • Unigine OilRush Linux Game Delayed To March 2011

    Phoronix: Unigine OilRush Linux Game Delayed To March 2011

    At the beginning of October there was the announcement of the Unigine OilRush game, a strategy game developed atop the Unigine Engine and developed by Unigine Corp itself as one of the first real games available to multi-platform gamers of this advanced, very interesting game engine. The screenshots continue to look impressive and it was supposed to be released in Q4'2010, but now Unigine Corp is sharing that the game's release date has been pushed back to March of 2011...

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    How about a demo? I mean if it isn't too hard and won't hurt the deadline too badly, it would be nice and much appreciated.

    I'm also curious how digital downloads are going to work out and what kind of copy protection the game possesses. I am especially curious because I happen to be one of those people that doesn't have an optical drive in my computer, but still wants to be able to enjoy this game.


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      Game delays are pretty common.
      I'm glad they are working on a single player campaign mode though.
      Looking forward to playing it!


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        thought as much (ill still get it if it is good)

        screenshot are nice and all but how about a youtube vid of gameplay.


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          Looking forward to it, but a multiplayer beta demo would be nice (brings back memories of taking ages to download q3 beta demo and not working on my system due to shitty opengl)...


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            Don't really care about it. Even if it announces the cancellation of Linux version and they 'concentrate on bring customers the best Windows(TM) experience' I wouldn't care.


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              Steam for Linux in March?


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                Originally posted by smitty3268 View Post
                Steam for Linux in March?
                Funny that, I thought that two.

                OilRush delayed while they talk to supply and sort out single player...
                PostalIII due out Q1 2011

                Ungi could release oilrush as a multiplayer and add SP as a patch after "retail". many games do that.

                I know stretch and all but still


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                  I thought the same thing.
                  Wasn't Portal pushed back, too?


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                    Demo would be nice indeed, if it can help ironing more bugs so the launch game is even more polished. But it all depends how much it would cost them to release one.