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The Proposals For Unigine's Linux Game Competition

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    Originally posted by jonwil View Post
    What I would like to see is an RPG similar to Oblivion but set in a sci-fi setting. So instead of swords and axes and plate armor you have laser guns and body armor and forcefields. Instead of horses and carts you have spaceships.

    There is an old DOS title called Sentinel Worlds: Future Magic that is exactly the kind of thing I am talking about only done in a much more modern 3D environment.
    Sounds like Mass Effect and it is one of my future projects... but far in the future.


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      I don't play mmos any more but I had some fun in eq2 for awhile on a pvp server. it was a good game.

      Its all very well making sweeping statements about mmos. But really what does mmo even mean? How many players do you have to get into a quake style deathmatch server before it has to classified as an mmo?

      To my mind the potential of mmos has by no means been fully explored and dismissing the next mmo as another wow seems a little arrogant. The next truly great pioneering game we, regardless of its genre, will likly be highly innovative and I reckon the unigine engine has every chance of being the engine its built on and every chance of being a non wow style mmo.