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Steel Storm Episode II beta 1 is out!

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  • Steel Storm Episode II beta 1 is out!

    Yes, it happened

    The beta is available for immediate download right after you pre-order the game.

    Episode II beta 1 consist of:
    - complete Episode I
    - 2 new environments
    - 3 new sp / coop missions
    - 2 CTF missions (capture the flag)
    - new wepaons
    - new enemies
    - achievements
    - Sand Storm without entity limits (real-time mission editor)
    - gamepad support
    and other small coolnesses

    Also I would like to say thank you to all of our fans and supporters. We would not be able to make it into Top 100 for the Indie of the Year 2010 competition without you, gamers.
    However it's not over yet, please continue to vote as Steel Storm really wants to be in Top 10

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    Yay, congratulations.


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      Thank you!

      We are really hoping for Linux gamers to get active with it


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        I'd say the website could use an about section giving a short description of the game. Also seems the servers are overloaded


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          Wow, indeed, server is inaccessible :/
          There is a section called "Manual" where all the info is. Not a lot as it's work in progress, but some. Also there bunch of videos and free Episode I to download.