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Can The Unigine Engine Get Any Better? Yes, And It Has.

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    To some extent I agree with the ground looking a bit simple, in the first screenshot I was very aware of it being a rendered image, but it really improved in the other screens so maybe it was just a fluke... honestly use a dirt-like texture next time.

    On the other hand at greater distances it looks amazing!


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      Seriously clueless are shining bright today...


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        Score -1 Troll, Quaridarium. That Arma II screenshot looks nowhere near as nice as the Unigine shots. No shadows, poor lighting effects, low mesh detail (look at the stone formation in the foreground).. there's no contest between them.


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          It's pretty much impossible to judge the quality of a game engine by looking at screenshots. What most people see is down to the skill of the artists using the engine to create something of course the engine has to enable the artist.

          As it stands Unigine is a very capable engine but it takes a quite a bit of work to figure out how to get the most of (as it happens we have also trailed arma2 and I didn't think much of it).

          The latest update is pretty sweet though (running it through it's paces at the moment)

          I have to echo the currently the main weakness is in Unigine is the relative immaturity of the artists tools.


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            @Qyaridarium; graphics are not nice looking forests, because that is atwork, but things like global illumination and other rendering techniques. Nice looking explosions is not equal to graphics tech


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              Originally posted by Qaridarium
              in my point of view arma2 beat unigine ...

              In your OPINION. The pics you linked aren't as great as you think of them. I'm certainly unimpressed with what you're using as "proof" here- it's nothing that compares to some of the more advanced game engine graphics- not to mention that ARMA II doesn't do it natively to begin with.


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                Plus ARMA 1 / 2 suck as far as gameplay is concerned. Crysis at least has good gameplay. I wouldn't use them as a comparative engine either as in game, the graphics are terrible. Feels blocky and horrible. Unigine is coming a long way, and I also agree that v3.0 is really starting to shine.

                I must mention that one of the reasons I loved the half life (heavily modified quake) engine was simply because of it's level editing tools. Worldcraft 3D was awesome, period. UnrealED was a pile of crap. I get the feeling that Unreal would have been a better game if the editor had been improved to match the game engines abilities. It's a real shame too because back in the day, half life engine was technically an old engine compared to unreal but yet look at who come out the victor. I'm so glad that valve went on to make the source engine for that reason, because I don't think portal and hl2 would have been the same with any other game engine.


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                  Arma2 screenshots are indeed spectacular. Don't listen to them.

                  People just don't want to accept the fact that there are no decent 3D engines for OpenGL. Even Unigine Haven demo looks terrible IMO - everything is bumpy, there is little to be seen in small details.


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                    terrible, psh.
                    arma2 is outdone by unigine hands down.


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                      Originally posted by Qaridarium
                      the point is arma2 is a real game and more than 2 year old
                      Ah, but you changed your point, because you presented those screenshots as:

                      Originally posted by Qaridarium
                      unigine and dx11 hardware what a waste the screenshots can be beaten by dx9 hardware with ARMA2...
                      Honestly, I'm not a gamer neither do I care much about the latest uber graphics developments, but those screenshots, while pretty nice, do not look as good as Unigine's. They play on the same league, I'll give you that.