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A Gaming Mouse Vendor That Has Linux Drivers

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    Originally posted by FunkyRider View Post
    I see they named their product Kone and Kova... Are they from the KDE team?
    Doesn't seem so
    Direct translations from Finnish:
    Kone = Machine
    Kova = Tough


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      What a cooincidence. I was just at a major PC parts retailer here in Japan (A chain called Dospara), and took a good long look at the Roccat Kave 5.1 headset. I'm not familiar with gaming headsets at all, but to be honest I thought the quality was at as good if not better than the Logitech and Steelseries stuff they had on display. The Kave headset felt like quality. Not a hint of cheapness about it. I can't comment on the mice though, since I didn't look at those.


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        Originally posted by Zhick View Post
        Oh, and I agree that Michaels remarks on Roccats quality are pretty inappropriate, considering he's obviously never held one in his hands. I for one have only heard good things about them.
        It does seem awfully premature without any hands-on experience with their products.

        Originally posted by Zhick View Post
        And as a long time Razer-user I've to say their build-quality is mediocre at best. ... A friend of mine who also owns a Razer Krait has made exactly the same experiences, so I'm not the only one who's got problems with Razers products.
        My Razer Mamba (top-end Razer product) died within less than a year of light, non-gaming use. The laser just up and died. It had been acting erratically for a few weeks. Luckily I was able to get a warranty replacement, but their warranty department was backlogged for weeks due to too many claims. Also, the battery barely lasts longer than 2 days, even with the latest firmware (which, as a Linux user, is a NIGHTMARE to update). Considering the price I paid for it, I was surprised at the lack of quality. Even a dirt cheap bargain-basement Logitech is more reliable. Pretending that Razer products are the cream of the crop in terms of quality is a little na?ve.


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          Originally posted by Gymmarn View Post
          Sadly it seems he's right, the quality is poor:

          Seems like the mouse keeps double-klicking on single-klick and when the mouse is laying still on a flat surface the mouse pointer on the screen jumps around on the screen like it's crazy.

          Still it's nice to see more hardware vendors taking Linux seriously!
          4 Reviews?
          Your seriously attempting to backup his rubbish statements on 4 reviews. One of which is a 7 out of 10.

          I frequently see reviews of the RAZOR mice that say they are awesome. Yet I sold these for quite some time, and 50% of them came back with button issues in short periods of time. (I'm talking weeks). ESP that bloody HABU. That or issues with the really stiff cables suffering from cracks in the wires.

          I'm more inclined to believe Zhick who apparently is a native in a country that stocks these mice.

          MOREOVER I'm not suggesting that they should be praised on all accounts for simply having Linux compatible drivers. Which are apparently not made by the company but by 'some guy' from the community. Which in it self should be some kind of indication of quality. Generally people can't be arsed writing drivers for things that don't work or are crap . What I AM saying is, if he doesn't have concrete evidence he should try simply not saying anything. AND CALM DOWN MAN, SERIOUSLY. One tiny regression in a random daily build or RC and your like "END OF LINUX PERFORMANCE FOR THE REST OF TIME"

          Lay off the coffee, and leave over-sensational reporting to <insert media outlet in your country here>


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            Originally posted by meklu View Post
            Yay, Roccat is Finnish and better yet provides drivers for its penguin customers. Awesome. *Puts a Roccat mouse on his TODO-list*
            Whoops, it wasn't Finnish after all. My mistake. The products have Finnish names though.


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              I bought a Razer keybord once. Oh Boy oh boy, what a disaster that was...

              It was randomly opening the media player, going to the next track and hanging.

              Now as far as reviews go for the Roccat Kone; the users on this site seem to be happy with their purchase (this is one of the largest Dutch tweaking site's).

              It has had ten different reviews and the price only seems to be what's bothering them.

              product as a whole = 4.5/5
              ergonomic = 5/5
              functionality = 5/5
              precision = 5/5
              design = 5/5
              build-quality = 4.5/5
              drivers = 4.5/5
              price = 3/5


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                I have a Razer Copperhead for about... two or three years... and only now does the coating wear of (like in some cars; the door handles).

                But I've seen Logitech mouses used to no end from which the plastick buttons started to get 'rubbed off' by repetetive use. This Razer of mine seems to have lived just as long but only now the coating on the right mouse button is 'rubbed of' and only a part of it; the rest is just fine. Underneath there's still plastic and a boatload of room for gripping my middle finger.

                So far I could not have been happier with my Razer. It's so rediculously overkill (gold plated USB for example...) that I could not find a single shortcomming in this mouse. Every other mouse, gamer, normal, Uber F4tal1ty Gamer Mouze X B1tch (TM), etc. all felt like they had initial 'lag' on the uptake or some other wierd form of problem, while my Copperhead even worked smoothly on milky white, polished glass. Literaly no other mouse did that.

                I could not have been happier with this mouse, but that's probably a personal thing.

                Oh and there have been instances of *RAAAAGGGEEEEE!!!!!* where I rammed realy hard at my mouse (whenever I am rarely extremely pissed of that I wished I'd hurt someone realy badly IRL, I fire up Quake 2, full volume with ingame music, new game and play for about 2 minutes untill I released my anger). However this little Razer survived pretty good; no damage whatsoever.

                So I don't know if I'm one of those fortunate 20%-ers that have a batch that doesn't happen to fail after x hours...


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                  Originally posted by Gymmarn View Post
                  Seems like the mouse keeps double-klicking on single-klick
                  Funny story, my mouse started doing exactly that a while ago. I had two other identical mice, usually for my laptop and my girlfriend's laptop, which also started double-clicking around the same time.

                  They're all Microsoft IntelliMouse Explorer 3.0.

                  Makes me wonder if MS licensed the Sony timer..

                  Haven't found a better mouse though, most logitech's don't seem to fit my tiny, girlish hands :/



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                    Originally posted by MaestroMaus View Post
                    Now as far as reviews go for the Roccat Kone; the users on this site seem to be happy with their purchase (this is one of the largest Dutch tweaking site's).
                    Originally posted by Detructor View Post
                    wtf? on their website only windows is mentioned...nothing about linux or a penguin... *confused*
                    It may be a decent mouse, but until they change that, I wouldn't even consider them. I'm very sick and tired of manufacturers not telling their consumers when they support Linux regardless of whether or not my next statement is true or not. It's so widespread that I suspect an anti-compete clause in Microsoft's driver signing certification against Linux. If that were true, you'd hope it would be reported to the authority in any country with anti-monopoly/fair practice laws. Seriously, what other reason would you have to do the work to release open source drivers that are kernel-merged and then keep that fact quiet? Is putting "Linux" under system requirements that hard? Seriously, it's insulting.


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                      Damn editing rule...

                      Was going to add that I want hardware I can recommend to friends due to it stating clearly that it supports Linux. I don't want to tell them "oh yeah trust me, get this device" when that device doesn't back up my claims at all anywhere on the box or the website even. It's not in the download section. What if I was using a kernel that didn't have it installed?