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Cortex Command beta coming...request for testers...

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  • Svartalf
    started a topic Cortex Command beta coming...request for testers...

    Cortex Command beta coming...request for testers...

    I've just about got the Linux version on parity with the current Windows/MacOS versions of the game (Which while it's not "finished" (He's still got the campaign, resource building/management pieces to complete- but the combat parts are very much working in the 'skirmish' mode (Sufficient enough to have him win one of the '09 IGF awards with it...).

    At this point, I'm requesting for people to beta test this game. Some of the people in the Caster beta group will be asked if they're interested, but I want to open it up to other people as well to give other people shots at trying out stuff.

    For those interested, please send me an email at [email protected] with your systems' information, such as CPU, memory, sound chipset (if you know it), and distribution you're using. I'll select from a range of people's configurations so I can ensure a better range of testing.

    I'm not expecting too much of a test with this first cut (But it needs to be HAMMERED on- and for good cause... ), so I'm going to largely only pull from the next week, week and a half's worth of requests to the email address given.

    With that, I'll leave the thread and get back to my futzing around with game code...