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Steel Storm Episode I is out !!!

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  • Steel Storm Episode I is out !!!

    We are proudly announce that Steel Storm Episode I public beta is out!
    It's out for Linux first, so you guys get to enjoy it before Mac and Window users
    Downloads are available at
    We have 2 EU mirrors, so if the downloading speed is slightly low, please be patient.
    After you download a tarball, just untar it somewhere, for example /home/user/games/ and then launch either 'steelstorm' for 32bit systems or 'steelstorm64' for 64bt systems.
    There is a readme file with min. system requirement, so you might want to check it first and install some libs, if missing.
    We have a coop sever running, but if you wish, you can run dedicated game server of your own. Current config that is shipped with Steel Storm Ep I is for coop server. Just run 'steelstorm-dedicated +exec server.cfg' (or 'steelstorm64-dedicated +exec server.cfg') and it should run out of the box.
    I hope you enjoy the game!

    P.S. If you do enjoy the game, please spread the word and pre-order
    P.P.S. Thank you to those folks who already pre-ordered!

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    hoping to have some fun - congratulations on the release, and good luck into the future!
    to everyone else, download the game and support it!


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      Woohoo! And there's even a proper 64-bit binary

      When I get home today I'll be sure to try out the EP I Beta and if it plays as fun as it looks I'll be sure to preorder EP II. I like shmups a lot so I'm pretty sure I'll like this.


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        Where do you want bug reports filed? I'm getting a BadDrawable error and game crash every time I press Apply in the system settings (and every time I quit the game):

        VID_Restart: changing from window 800x600x32bpp, to window 800x600x32bpp.
        OpenGL Backend shutting down
        X Error of failed request:  BadDrawable (invalid Pixmap or Window parameter)
          Major opcode of failed request:  137 (DRI2)
          Minor opcode of failed request:  4 (DRI2DestroyDrawable)
          Resource id in failed request:  0x2e00013
          Serial number of failed request:  3561
          Current serial number in output stream:  3564
        The rest of the game seems to be working fine, but I haven't played much yet.


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          Hmm, actually this is probably a driver bug.


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            Originally posted by whizse View Post
            Hmm, actually this is probably a driver bug.
            I think that 16887d042a917fa4773e4d853f50051b54e9948c Mesa commit is responsible for this problem(or exposes problem in the game). Reverting it fixes the bug.


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              What video card and video drivers do you have?


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                I'm using the r300g driver on a RV570.

                sobkas, is there a bug open for this? If not, I can file one.


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                  I assume it's an ATI chip. I am the only one from my team who is on Linux and I have nVidia card.
                  Although it does sound like a driver bug.


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                    I downloaded the EP I Beta and it runs like a champ on my machine. I went ahead and preordered EP II because I support companies that support Linux... oh and it doesn't hurt that the game is really fun Keep up the good work. If you make a EP III in the future I'll preorder that too.