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UT3 For Linux Is Laid To Rest By Epic's Mark Rein

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    Some countries sit on billion dollar oil fields, yet the people are strugling to get clean drinking water and food. Stupidity is everywhere, including at Epic.


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      Originally posted by pvtcupcakes View Post
      Speaking of iD, I wish Carmack would do Android ports of Doom in addition to the iPhone ports he's done.
      Android and mobile Linux probably has the better shot at being a viable gaming platform than desktop Linux at this point.
      Something wrong with all the dooms and quakes that are already running on android?


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        Originally posted by allquixotic View Post
        Why is Epic acting like they are hard-pressed for money?
        Because of the sunk costs on UT3 and GoW-PC. They missed the mark on both titles and while they're recouping the costs on the engine licenses, it's not the same thing as the cash injections that would have come from the other titles. They've got to cover the expenses on the new titles they're working on- and paying some of the debts on the previous two or so engines and on UT3, it'd be good money after bad at this point for them.


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          Does it matter? Not really, UT3 was one of the biggest flops of the last 15 years of FPS gaming.
          No one really plays it anymore, you will get better games in ET, ETQW or even the old UT games. Hell the best pc fps game to play online (RTCW) STILL has more players even now after 10 years of relative obscurity than UT3 does.

          What you all seem to fail to reflect on is the decline of PC itself as a gaming platform. Sure releases of big name games for linux are getting thin on the ground (even more so lol) but then again its all downhill on Windows too. Console is the way to go now, PC started dying after Doom3/Quake 4/ETQW came out.

          For example the only system you can play MAG on is PS3, MW2 there is absolutely no point playing on a pc because it doesnt support the console or user created maps/mods; which were always the 2 main advantages to playing games on a pc, disregarding graphics as to me graphics < gameplay all the way. Also, that said, the difference between pc and console graphics has failed to grow to the same glaring gap as it did in previous generations.

          Final point: can you even blame developers when they know Linux users will be getting inferior performance due to the poor graphics driver support by ATI and Intel? (games run noticably faster on windows than linux on this laptop :'( unlike my old Athlon XP 3200+ with Geforce 6600gt where the opposite was true)

          But hey, who cares. UT went steadily worse from each release. The Assault mode was always the best too.