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    Is there any interest among users here to support or collaborate with the development of an open source game made exclusively with free software tools and libs? I have been working in an 3D RPG for the last 3 years, but havent found enough people using free software (mostly for 2d art and sounds) to keep the project 100% free of closed source tools like Photoshop. I asked for help in blender forum, but they are too busy in other things and dont accept help requests for projects not using BGE (mine uses Ogre).

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    I'd love to help, I'm not experienced in anything extensively, but I'm in a good position to support.


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      You could also try getting the game featured on

      I think they have a forum dedicated to FLOSS game development too,


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        I posted it in their Showcase forum. But didnt got any help. One of the blog maintaners follows my blog, so Im sure that it will be announced as soon as I release my first version.


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          What exactly are you after? Do you have a link so people can get a further idea of what is needed?


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            What I need is more contributors: programmers and artists. Currently Im doing all programming myself and only one artist is doing the character modelling/animating/texturing.
            This is the post in freegamer forum: