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Machinarium on sale for $5!

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  • Machinarium on sale for $5!

    Apparently some people are pirating this great game ... so it's on sale for $5 in an effort to turn pirates into paying customers.

    Meanwhile, the rest of us benefit from this as well because at $5 it's too tempting to pass up.

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    I already own the game legally, I bought it during the X-Mas sale. Iwent ahead and bought it again just now to support the devs. It's such a terrific and beautiful game. At $5 it's a no brainer. Large cup of coffee at Starbucks or Machinarium? The choice is simple.


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      Played the demo, liked it, and bought it

      My download stopped halfway through, but I was able to resume it with wget - awesome site!


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        i wasnt sure $20 was worth it before (flash). But $5? fuck it. Paid and Paid.


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          Originally posted by L33F3R View Post
          i wasnt sure $20 was worth it before (flash).
          I know, it seems cheap when you first realise it, but the level of artwork in the game would dwarf even the effort of writing your own engine and tools from scratch.


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            It's a cute game, but I fail to see the linux port. I couldn't even run it on Wine.

            The limitations imposed by the flash-platform are pretty noticeable, unfortunately. No right-click? Bah.

            It's a shame, really, because story and artwork are great. If only the author had learned a real language..


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              Oddly enough, quite a few more games use Flash than you probably realize. Parts of Fable II were developed in Flash, for instance. Flash as a platform is just fine for things like Machinarium. The problem it has with ports or with right-click is that it's just a shell running an embedded IE instance with a Flash applet, not stand-alone Flash application. The Flash applet is what has that built-in right-click menu.

              Flash makes doing a lot of the graphics stuff and game logic so incredibly easy. The graphics design tools are integrated in and ready to go, unlike with any other "real" engine, and ActionScript is a very capable language for game logic... and even quite capable for the core engine when you've already got a built-in graphics system and have no need for networking, physics, advanced I/O, and so on.


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                Originally posted by rohcQaH View Post
                It's a cute game, but I fail to see the linux port. I couldn't even run it on Wine.
                Just use exe2swf to extract the SWF, then drag-n-drop into Firefox. It works better and faster than the embedded Flash Player interface (no mouse lag, very little audio lag).

                The soundtrack is great and I really like the artwork, everything fits together very nicely. I bought it yesterday and just finished it today. Good game, well worth the $5.