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Unigine Is Working On A Strategy Game

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    Originally posted by curaga View Post
    Well, while I would maybe buy an indie game at 10€ and never play it, not gonna do that with a 60€ AAA title. It's gotta run on what I have, obviously Xbox gamers don't buy PS3 games either.

    If it's worth its money, it will scale down too.
    Not true. How many AAA games with high hardware specs can be run "reasonably" on lower specs? I've seen none so far.

    EDIT: To be more precise, the ability to scale down is removed from AAA titles (or strongly limited) as they don't have time to deal with and test for the huge amount of hardware combinations. An inherent problem of existing engine design. I would definitely not put money down for something which works only well on one hardware configuration (how I hate looking up my processor name in the "supported" tables <.=.< ... it's never going to match for more than one game). [ fuck this 1min edit limit ]


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      Originally posted by d2kx View Post
      The OpenGL 4 drivers are quite mature now, at least Unigine Heaven runs great with OpenGL 4 + Tesselation with the latest builds.

      Also, everyone who thinks Spring (see above) looks better than Unigine, raise your hand. You won't see mine, not for a second.
      While I do agree, only time will tell if Unigine will able to scale their engine to "really big fights (tm)".
      Beating TA-S graphics with 10 tanks is one thing (I never tried playing TA-S in anything other than the default top-down camera), keeping the same advantage when 400 unit fight-it-out is something radically different.

      Hopefully Unigine won't be forced to choose the easy way out. (By setting a low unit count limit ala Starcraft)

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