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Ryzom MMORPG Released As Free Software

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  • Ryzom MMORPG Released As Free Software

    Phoronix: Ryzom MMORPG Released As Free Software

    Ryzom, a popular massively multi-player online role-playing game (MMORPG), is being entirely open-sourced and even the artwork is going to be provided freely too. The Ryzom game is being put out under the GNU Affero GPL and the artwork is going under the Creative Commons...

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    Popular MMO ? Never heard of it


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      I remember a few years ago that there was talks of buying and then liberating the source of Ryzom, just like what happened to Blender almost a decade ago, but nothing came out of it then. It is good to see this finally happening and even if I'm not really into MMO's I'm excited about this news. Seeing how Blender has sky rocketed in every aspect since it's liberation, it will be interesting to see what will come out of this.


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        The game is still pay-per-month (8$) - unless you write your own game logic for the provided server.


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          I have Play this game in the OpenBeta an in the Closed Beta ( Focus Beta) My char was an Elder of Atys but the final game was incomplete an in the Focus Beta they have killed the fun to play with more as 2 Players.

          And friend of mine an me look at the client and we hope to bring back the Beta fun.


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            The game (at least, the core) *does* compile natively on Linux:


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              Wonder if Worldforge will dump some of their own software projects for some of the software in Ryzom if it's better.


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                A few tidbits, guys:

                1) The full game engine is now under the AGPL3 license, as opposed to the base NeL engine that the original company, Nevrax, had placed under the GPL a long while back. NeL was missing some parts that were added later on when Nevrax went bankrupt and the other company and studio took on where they left off. This adds those pieces back in the mix with a slightly different license.

                2) The assets (as in all the 3D models, textures, etc...) are going to be available under a Creative Commons license.

                3) This doesn't mean you get the game itself- they retain rights to the game logic, etc. They've got to make money somehow.

                4) The game itself was a good MMORPG that got decent critical acclaim, but didn't gain more than a merely sustaining number of customers because it couldn't compete with WoW. (Funny that...)

                The upshot is that there's at least a small chance you'll be able to make a port to Linux of the client that they'll support at this point.


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                  Originally posted by Yfrwlf View Post
                  Wonder if Worldforge will dump some of their own software projects for some of the software in Ryzom if it's better.
                  I'd say it's "different" at least. I wouldn't know if they'd dump their stuff for Ryzom's stuff as it's under the Affero GPL license instead of just GPL/LGPL which has some gotchas in it that some won't want to sign off on.