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Proof In Steam's Mac Client Of Linux Support

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    Originally posted by bugmenot View Post
    Whoa go the spam !! Great way of getting your point across Gilboa !!
    I assume the you failed to noticed the "EDIT doesn't work" part (...)

    Geez, you typed all that out without realizing the whole point of what I was talking about ?? I was talking about SOFTWARE not HARDWARE. Of course people are going to realize that they are not going to run the latest games on older hardware and netbooks .. I mean any old noob knows that. So again your point is invalid.
    One of three options, either my English is going down the drain (quite possibly), your reading comprehensions is lacking (Se above...) or you are doing your best to argue a non-issue. (Read: trolling)
    Let me spell it out for you.... SLOWLY:

    1. Recent distribution + nVidia hardware + nVidia blob drivers + recent platform should perform more-or-less on-par with Windows XP. (And I've got numbers to back my case)
    2. Linux users tend to be far more computer proficient, and tend to select their hardware accordingly (do you claim otherwise?).
    3. Linux users are used to living in a no-support / community support environments.
    4. Linux users are far better accustomed to filing meaningful bug reports and support request.
    5. At least according to Phoronix' own surveys, nVidia's Linux market share (percentage wise) is far higher then their global market share. (By an order of magnitude) and on part with their Valve market share. (Even though Valves surveys target gamers while Phoronix' surveys target the general Linux-using public)

    So, if you do the math:
    Linux users are more likely to have Source-engine compatible hardware (Repeat: Recent distribution + nVidia hardware + nVidia blob drivers + recent platform) and are far more-likely to be able to fix their own problems (as opposed to flooding the tech support lines with "Crysis no workie on my single-core-ATOM with 945 chipset!" calls) than their Windows-using counter-parts.
    So in short, technically speaking, the Linux eco-system is (far) better than the Windows eco-system. (Do I hear applause?)

    Now, I doubt that Valve will port Source engine to Linux (most likely because of the limited user-base) but technical merits have nothing to do with.

    Are we done yet?

    - Gilboa
    DEV: Intel S2600C0, 2xE5-2658V2, 32GB, 6x2TB, GTX1080, F32, Dell UP3216Q 4K.
    SRV: Intel S2400GP2, 2xE5-2448L, 96GB, 6x2TB, GTX550, F32, Dell U2711.
    WIN: Gigabyte B85M-HD3, E3-1245V3, 32GB, 5x1TB, GTX980, Win10Pro.
    BAK: Asus H110M-K, i5-6500, 16GB, 3x1TB + 128GB-SSD, F32.
    LAP: ASUS Strix GL502V, i7-6700HQ, 32GB, 1TB+256GB, 1070M, F31.


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      Originally posted by faemir View Post
      I hope this will be released, but i'm more inclined to believe it's an internal Valve only client like the blizzard WoW one.
      Seems a little weird that a company that makes games for Windows (and Mac recently) only would bother porting their whole client to a platform that only a few of their server devs would use, and then put it on their public web servers though, doesn't it?


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        Originally posted by bell View Post
        Once a major distributor starts supporting linux I think they will discover lots of people who never buy any games starting to spend their money.

        And steam would be ideal, almost as easy installing games via steam as we're used to via apt-get/yum.

        I for one would buy more games. I hate dual-booting, so the effort of playing a game is not worth it. I'm typically a casual gamer ("lots" of kids, I don't have the time for extended periods of hard core gaming any more) and don't play games since I can't fire up a game for 30 minutes of entertainment (which usually stretches into the late hours of the night) without spending several minutes dualbooting. Which also means that It'l take time getting back into where I was before I started gaming as well. (Hibernate on linux, boot windows, play, play, shutdown windows, restore hibernated linux works fairly well)

        I'm definitely going to buy much more games once (casual) games are more available! (And games like Dragon Age) Wine is great, as long as a game works "out-of-the-box". When "fiddling" is needed, I don't have the time.
        +1, though I'd rather pay essentially a "commission" price for a pre-paid open source game if the demo or whatnot seems good instead of for closed source software, since closed source is a throw-away temporary fix. Those are fine, but again, contributing to open source is much more appealing if only someone would create a popular, large "network" for such a thing, like Steam, since having lots of users aware of it of course would be crucial for such a thing, not to mention ways for users to be able to trust it.


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          Originally posted by dagger View Post
          EA games pledged it support for Meego (which is based on standard architecture), which gives a bit of hope they will release games not only for mobiles, but also for desktops. I wonder if Valve gonna beat them.
          Meego would be much better than Android due to that, yes. Hopefully for Google's sake, Chrome OS will also use Linux standards, but I'm not sure if it does or not. Unifying Linux as a "platform" so that all Linux users can easily share programs, packages, files, etc is paramount in order for Linux users to have more freedom, as well as everyone wishing to make software for Linux newbies or anyone not wishing to compile or to learn how (yeah yeah, it's not hard, though dependency hell is definitely annoying).


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            @User bugmenot: (nelson voice) HAHA!


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              I'm not so excited by this MeeGo OS because of it's interface or anything that they sport but the developers that will invest time and dedication to improving the kernel and xorg/x server and maybe even audio related things.What I would wish to happen is to Google get back all those patches in kernel that are going in android so that everyone can benefit.All that work that's going to improve power saving for such small devices and all other work that's going to improve performance is making me very happy.Who knows,maybe EXA gets some love from Intel after all and DRI gets version 3 .


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                Originally posted by bugmenot View Post

                @User bugmenot: (nelson voice) HAHA!
                hahaha gilboa the fact you start investigating and screwing around with public logins that are used by many many people just shows you how sore you are about loosing an argument. So ... ))


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                  Originally posted by bugmenot1 View Post
                  hahaha gilboa the fact you start investigating and screwing around with public logins that are used by many many people just shows you how sore you are about loosing an argument. So ... ))
                  Sad, sad, blaming someone for something you have no proof for. A classic self-own.
                  No, I am not gilboa. Just someone who thinks that if you want to participate in discussions with you own oppinion then register your own account. Which you now did (to some degree). See, Education at its best.

                  PS: Thats it for now. Using my own account now (again)


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                    Oh, and btw, no win for you. Have fun with you next account.
                    Im outta here, enough fun for this month.


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                      Hey guys, as you all know steam has pulled the files, could somebody who downloaded these files upload them so that we can download the linux client files