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    it's quite funny to read comment from non unix-like OS (after some linux users and I who decided to leave and get refund): "you are immature" or "You are Fucking the game by rage quitting and asking for refund." (i've got that on a PM today LMFAO) and some others.

    Why can't they understand that if we invest money into something that is in our interest and then this investment philosophy or goal changes, we simply pull out, right?


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      Did you also notice the only ones with proper spelling are linux users, devs, or unigine devs?


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        yeah it's so true.... most of the Primal carnage gamers are teenagers or mentally disabled ppl... (windows infected people)


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          Originally posted by pvtcupcakes View Post
          I don't understand how this donation was any different than a preorder in any way other than name.
          Maybe if Walmart would just say that any purchase you make is a donation and not a purchase, so they won't do refunds anymore. How well would that go?
          Let me explain.

          If you are performing some function that I find admirable I may feel a desire to support you in that endeavour. That support could even be financial. If you're performing some function that I find pretty meh, I might wish you well but I probably wont support you financially in that endeavour.

          And so I wanted to support a software developer who was supporting my chosen platform. They're no longer supportive of that platform for whatever internal reasons they may have, and so I'm no longer supportive of them. They changed the goal posts. I then followed in kind.

          If their position is that seeing as they're no longer prepared to follow through with their initial plan upon which I may have supported them they're prepared to refund me then great. It's what I think they should do. If they don't want to refund even though they've abandoned the reason for my support I'd think that's pretty poor. The jibe they included with their message wasn't required in any case.