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    Originally posted by Ștefan View Post
    Yeap. You have to donate to be able to sign up for the beta
    BTW:They have to live with something, they can't just live with air :P
    Clearly more indie game devs should be convinced to try breatharianism!


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      Originally posted by whizse View Post
      Clearly more indie game devs should be convinced to try breatharianism!
      So that's what happed to all those devs writing games for Linux


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        Originally posted by mugginz View Post
        So that's what happed to all those devs writing games for Linux
        They got enlightened and realized games are worthless?


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          Originally posted by curaga View Post
          They got enlightened and realized games are worthless?
          Heh... Guess I'm doing it wrong then...


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            Originally posted by celettu View Post

            Dinosaurs lived everywhere, including jungles and plains...
            And the big sauropods definitely did NOT live in jungles. They were far too big.

            Impressive video.
            Maybe they lived in plains but WHY IS THERE GRASS?!

            There's was no grass back then.


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              linux client has been murdered!

              Originally posted by Bode
              We've been promising you an update for a long time, and here it is! The Primal Carnage team is hard at work and making more progress than we ever have before - and we're really excited with how much closer Primal Carnage is to becoming a reality.

              After much consideration, we have decided to use the Unreal Development Kit to finish Primal Carnage - not a decision that was made lightly. But, in the end, the UDK was the clear choice to help us finish this game to the highest quality and deliver it to you; the fans.

              The benefits of the UDK are enormous. Obviously, the fact that the engine is built for FPS games is a huge advantage. When you take into account Speedtree integration, XBox and PS3 compatability, strong support, many developers that know it inside-out and great AAA software it's easy to see why the UDK is the perfect choice for Primal Carnage.

              Did you say "where's the proof?". Well, that's the reason we had to be so top secret about this - we couldn't show you anything until we're ready to replace ALL our media. That's right, all of what you've seen so far is going in the archive. So, without further ado, here's what you can expect from Primal Carnage!
              Originally posted by Mr Veo
              The team is genuinely sorry that Linux is no longer an available option for Primal Carnage. Linux users who have made donations are welcome to send a Private Message to AshtonAndersen regarding your concerns.


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                Wow, they actually changed engines to screw this up.


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                  Let's see:

                  Unreal Tournament franchise dropped Linux.
                  Wolfenstein franchise dropped Linux.
                  No Steam.
                  No Primal Carnage.
                  No Rage?

                  Kinda hard to do any serious Linux gaming at this point.

                  At least we may still get Oil Rush, and the Frictional Games series is quite impressive, if you like the horror genre.


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                    What a terrible idea on their part. Not only did they disregard Linux users (which really isn't a big deal by itself I'll admit), but now they're getting into Duke Nukem Forever Syndrome. They already had a nearly complete game on Unigine, and then they scrapped it for an entirely different engine. If it's not buggy as hell I'll be surprised.


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                      The answer is simple enough: they wanted sales on XBox 360 so they changed to accommodate that. Compare lost Linux users to gained 360 sales and you'll see that it's purely a financial move.

                      It's the usual cyclic silliness: there are no games because there's supposedly no proven Linux market, but there's no Linux market because there are no games, but no one wants to make games because there's no market... etc.