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    Originally posted by Zhick View Post
    Would you call Oblivion a clone of Gothic? Or Need for Speed a clone of Colin McRae Rally? If so, then I guess I see how by your definition Nexuiz is a clone of Quake.
    But I'm pretty sure most people would disagree with your definition of what is a clone then.
    More there is not to say.

    Or for the lazy ones:
    A video game clone is a video game or game series which is very similar to or heavily inspired by a previous popular game or game series. Some video game genres are founded by such archetypal games that all subsequent similar games are thought of as derivatives.
    To be fair though this quote here too so people can't complain.
    The term is sometimes derogatory, implying a lack of originality but clones can be anything from a pure "ripoff", to a legitimate derivative or improvement on the original or even a homage to it.