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Which is the most advanced GPLd OpenGL FPS?

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    Originally posted by ad_267 View Post
    No it's not, it's only a rendering engine.
    well as i see it, most people when they ask which engine is the best or advance, i kinda think of graphics capability.... so i guess that saying that ogre is a game engine is not so wrong. Indeed the correct term should be rendering engine... and the game engine should be called "gaming framework" when we want something more than a rendering engine such as network layer, sound layer, virtual memory management and etc. anyway which part of the game engine is the most complex and most advance in your opinion?


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      @Elv13: you should read the first post.

      Originally posted by sabriah View Post
      Which is the most advanced GPLd OpenGL FPS 3D engine today, even if in Beta version?

      By "most advanced" I mean support the most and latest and greatest OpenGL graphics features.

      By GPL I mean GNU Public Licence (v2, v3 etc), and not free as in gratis but closed source.

      By FPS I mean First Person Shooter, as in Quake, Quake 2, ioquake, Nexuiz, Sauerbraten, Urban Terror, etc.

      For this particular question I am not interested in physics or AI. Those aspects could have been a separate questions.


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        Well the OP actually asked for the FPS with the most advanced graphics, so yeah I guess the other parts of a game engine aren't what we're discussing here. There aren't any GPL FPSs based on Ogre3D that I know of though...


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          Not out yet, but id tech 4 when it's released as GPL will probably be the most advanced.


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            I'd doubt that if you include unreleased engines. From the released ones... hm... difficult to say. Definitely though not Ogre since it is not a game engine just a render engine as mentioned above.


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              EDIT: Unreleased means here also not relased under GPL. Obviously Q4 is released under Windows but it is not released under Linux so it counts as unreleased under Linux.


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                Any idea when id tech 4 will be released as GPL?


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                  Hmm, can't seem to edit my post.

                  Should have done some research first, from Wikipedia:
                  At the QuakeCon 2009, Carmack said that he planned to petition Zenimax to release the id Tech 4 source upon the release of Rage (expected in 2010).
                  So not too long then, possibly...