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ioquake3 Engine Running On Nokia N900

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  • ioquake3 Engine Running On Nokia N900

    Phoronix: ioquake3 Engine Running On Nokia N900

    The Nokia N900 mobile computer may just have a 3.5-inch display and a 600MHz ARM Cortex-A8 processor, but it does have a PowerVR SGX graphics processor that is capable of providing OpenGL ES 2.0 support, albeit through a binary-only driver. While this hardware is not much, it is enough for some gaming even with the ioquake3 engine...

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    Lavish lust machine!


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      I remember a time when my big tower full of hardware wasn't enough to run even quake 1. Now q3 works on a device which is - minus battery and display - essentially the size of a matchbox.

      am I supposed to feel old now?

      On a less sentimental note, I like how the OS software stack grows together over the whole device spectrum. KDE4 on phones has been shown already. Once I can deploy my own software on those things for efficient synchronisation between cell phone, laptop and desktop, I'll buy. Screw App Store.


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        It would be interesting to know if they did there own rework to convert ioquake3 to opengles, or this is based off of the versions we have for pandora.


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          Not much hardware is a relative term, Michael. Compared to what we have today, yeah it's "not much hardware".

          However, think of these phones in terms of roughly an XBox in power and ability. In some areas, they're more powerful. In others they're slightly weaker. But, in the end, it's a good reference point for people to use.

          Now bundle that into something that fits in the palm of your hand and can run somewhere around 10 hours full-tilt with an LCD display on a thirteen and a half watt-hour battery. That's what the prototype Pandora boards did. The Beagle's performing no differently. As hand-held tech goes, it's a LOT of hardware in an itty-bitty package.


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            Originally posted by Pickle View Post
            It would be interesting to know if they did there own rework to convert ioquake3 to opengles, or this is based off of the versions we have for pandora.
            Hey, Pickle! Good to see you over here.

            Odds on, it's probably derived from the work Pandora crowd did on it.


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              This is why open source rocks. When Epic got the Unreal 3 engine running on an iPhone, we got a couple screenshots and a YouTube video. When someone gets the ioquake3 engine running on an N900, we get to download the code and try it out!


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                I do want a N900 so bad, but I can't justify it seeing as my Pandora is on the verge of showing up (honest!?) and I'm still happy with the capabilities of my N95, although it obviously pales in comparison to the N900. Still, the way I see it, If I glue my N95 to my Pandora I've got a poor-mans N900, and I've still got a Zaurus to play with until it arrives

                When I ordered the Pandora over a year ago, I knew it would be outclassed by the time I got it. Indeed, the N900 and Netwalker both came along sooner to kick its ass in several respects. If the Netwalker had a removable battery I'd prefer it hands down to Pandora. If it had a SIM slot and a camera it'd whip N900 for me too. However, it does not and so if I had to pick between the three now I'd have gone for the N900.

                Gawd there's some great Linux gadgets about these days eh?


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                  The n900 port is derived from ioquake3. It is not related to any of the other Quake3 ports. The iphone version is based on the original quake3 and while it does use opengles it basically emulated glBegin and other old calls. The n900 port replaces all non-opengles compatible code. The pandora port is based on the iphone version.


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                    Hello guys. I own an Samsung i8910 HD (or also called Omnia HD). Afaik, this device uses the same CPU and GPU as the Nokia N900 does. The difference is the installed OS. Symbian S60 5th on the i8910 and MEAMO on the N900. Is it possible to run the engine (or better said: ALL WHATS NEEDED TO RUN THE GAME IN THE END ) on the SAMSUNG i8910?

                    My knowing about the OS's is not very good and I'm not a coder or something else, so I have noooo idea about souch things .

                    btw. PHORONIX ROCKS