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QuantZ full version release for Linux!

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  • QuantZ full version release for Linux!

    Hi everyone, just wanted to let you know that the full version of QuantZ has been released for Linux.
    In case you don't remember, it's a 3D puzzle game that plays like Frozen Bubble or some other gem/stone-popping game.
    Available as:
    32-bit and 64-bit
    .tar.gz, .deb and .rpm
    Below is the email from the studio about the launch:

    QuantZ is now ready and on sale on our website!!!

    QuantZ for Linux is on sale and we decided to sell it for $6.50 till the end of January.

    We really would like to thank you for all your help, your support, your comments regarding the Linux Version of QuantZ. This helped us to develop the (almost?) perfect game for Linux.

    We fixed most of the bugs, added a tutorial mode, developed some cool stuff like Christmas QuantZ (you will see that next december .
    Developing games for Linux is really important to us. Most of our team members are Linux users, lovers and defenders.

    Another important point is WE TRUST THE LINUX COMMUNITY! That is why QuantZ for Linux is totally DRM free. This will allow you to install QuantZ on all your computers. Thank for not distributing.

    Gamerizon is a small Indie game studio. Our only way to promote our game is to talk directly with the gamers (via the forums or reddit) and hope for some website to see us and talk about our games. We really need you to help us increasing QuantZ's notoriety.

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    I had totally missed this, so thanks for letting us know. I will definitely buy a copy!


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      Not exactly my kind of game, but at <5€ it's hard to say no.
      Plus the beta seemed pretty polished.


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        Bought it.


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          got one copy too


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            I hate to dredge this thread up from all the way in january, but I hope that I wasn't the only one that missed quantz. I knew of the game through steam, but I hadn't realized it had full compatibility with linux(64-bit,deb,rpm,etc.). Awesome game, it's worth the money.