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Unigine Heaven Linux Release Pushed Back

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  • Unigine Heaven Linux Release Pushed Back

    Phoronix: Unigine Heaven Linux Release Pushed Back

    Back in October Unigine Heaven was released for Microsoft Windows 7 with its DirectX 11.0 renderer, but there was no Linux client to be found. This was not because Unigine Corp is liking the Linux platform any less, but because none of the Linux graphics drivers could simply handle the complexities of this technology demo and rendering its OpenGL 3.2 implementation correctly.Unigine Corp did share though with us that in November or December there will be an update for the Catalyst Linux drivers that will hopefully run with this game well -- even when using a Radeon HD 5000 series graphics card with the hardware tessellation being exposed through OpenGL 3.2...

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    Luckily, the next Catalyst driver release should happen during the CES, next week.


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      I don't think it is a good idea to delay the release when it would work without Tesselation just fine. Nvidia users can not see that effect until Fermi is officially out anyway.


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        the tesselation thing is a core feature of the at least one driver should support it...

        My HD5870 is on the way to my home [I had to hunt this damn thing...nearly every online shop is sold out...] (I needed to buy a new computer case for this beast, too. It's 2 centimeters longer than my "old" HD4870).

        Man, I never thought that I'll buy a graphiccard just for a game. meh.

        however: I hope that they'll release it on 12th january...would be a nice birthday gift
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          I'm just curious that ATI devs are cooperating with unigine devs here ? I mean if there is some sort of communication between those two programmers


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            It's rather a good news. Not because of the delay, that, finally, no-ones really cares about, but from the point of view that ATI seems to work hand in hand with the unigine dev to provide top-notch graphic experience under linux.
            Of course, I guess that programming such things is more than complex and who really cares about a little delay for things to run smooth ?

            I really wish to see next more than a demo of unigine but a complete AAA game running this engine...


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              The engine would look great on an RPG.


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                Well basically when you need to rely on ATI you already lost.


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                  Well that took long .


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                    Originally posted by Melcar View Post
                    The engine would look great on an RPG.
                    yup yup yup