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Machinarium & Samorost 2 on sale

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  • Machinarium & Samorost 2 on sale

    Hi, just wanted to let everyone know that Amanita Design (makers of Machinarium and Samorost) are having an awesome Christmas sale.

    Our Christmas Sale starts Dec 17th and ends Dec 25th, in that period you can buy the bundle with Machinarium and Samorost2 only for $10 which is 60% discount from it’s regular price ($25).
    Amanita Design Christmas Pack includes:
    Machinarium (Win + Mac + Linux versions)
    Machinarium Soundtrack (MP3)
    Samorost2 (Win + Mac + Linux versions)
    Samorost2 Soundtrack (MP3)
    Hi-res Cover Pictures for Machinarium and Samorost2
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    Thats great, im in!


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      What a deal. Thanks for the heads up!


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        Just bought it.
        The demo is very enjoyable

        Anyone managed to get the actual game working on a modern distribution? I downloaded the files, unpacked the tar and ran the game (I assume that this is an embedded flash)... and nothing.
        When I start the game I see a brief message "Press ESC to leave full screen" and than nothing.

        Can I somehow unpack the swf files and execute them from firefox? (Again assuming that it's a flash game and not a truly native binary...)

        - Gilboa


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          Please ignore. Seems to be an SELinux issue.
          Moved the game to home dir and reset the SELinux tags and the problem disappears.

          - Gilboa