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Would you play this game if the dev supported linux?

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  • Would you play this game if the dev supported linux?

    preview of the next patch

    for those that dont know the game is a combined arms simulator. infantry, tanks, planes, even a couple of ships that takes place in western europe circa 1940-43ish timeframe. the 'map' as it were is pretty massive. advanced ballistics modeling, realistically modeled weapon systems, flight model etc. the developer, cornered rat software, is a small indie house. they got their start with warbirds and ww2ol has been running for 8 years.

    anyway, the point of this is the developer has asked the community on their interest in official linux support either via native linux client or support through wine similar to eve online. me personally asking your subscribed player base seems rather silly since we're already paying customers.

    so i'm asking here. would linux support prompt you to try the game? would only native linux support prompt you to try the game or would official support via wine suffice?

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    It might be... I'm not terribly interested in non-native clients (obviously...) so I'm disinclined to fire up WINE to play something unless it was given to me as a gift (I still get those from time to time...) or if I'm evaluating it for porting work.

    I've heard tell it's fairly good as WWII type games go.


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      For sure, so long as the linux port isn't significantly more expensive than the windows version.


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        No, since it requires monthly payments. If that wasn't the case I would love to see a native Linux port though.


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          Like RvR Ego-Shooter roleplaying game and 14.99$/mo is not too much. Same price as most of the mmorpgs out there.
          The good thing, no elves or dwarfs

          wiki in 5 languages:

          There is also a lot of tactic it looks like with officers that are nominated by the team.

          So, I would give it a shot.


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            yeah 'officers' aka high command aren't really elected per se. anyone can become a member of the high command all it takes is to read through some training material that outlines what you're supposed to do. from there you climb the high command ladder and if you really want to eventually you will become the highest ranking general and 'control' your sides armed forces for a few campaigns. this also means more responsibility which isnt entirely relevant/important for this discussion .

            it boils down to high commands have the responsibility to move the various brigades around the map. trying to find weakness in the enemy line to punch through and cause a break out scenario.

            the HC system is really sort of a strategic layer on top of the tactical simulator. it isnt for everyone but some enjoy it.


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              i don't mind paying a monthly fee, but if the graphics were somewhat equivalent to HL2 engine at launch day (2004, i guess), i would consider to play this game on linux... No, i won't play this game even it have a linux version I'm so sick of those "Nazi-killer" games. we don't need to remind the atrocity of WW 2 neither remind that it's has the biggest slaughtering scores (jews, French, English, and etc.)

              If i've gone a bit political please delete my post, right a way!


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                In my opinion the WWII scenario is way to overplayed, so no from my side. Now it if was combined arms in the Battletech universe, ...


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                  The problem would be, if you don't choose WW2, to find a proper setting. There weren't that many territorial wars in the past 150 years.
                  Most modern war settings are more like "rescue the hostage, destroy the terrorists, disarm the bomb etc."

                  If you choose older historical events, then people would be riding horses instead of tanks.


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                    Originally posted by Marix View Post
                    In my opinion the WWII scenario is way to overplayed, so no from my side. Now it if was combined arms in the Battletech universe, ...
                    true but keep in mind.

                    1) this game has been live since june 6 2001. they were doing the whole ww2 thing before anyone else.

                    2) this game isnt bf1942. you cant kill a tank by shooting machine guns at it. all machinery is modeled using real specifications. tiger tanks really are extremely tough frontally however if for some reason you find yourself within 500m of one a 6 pounder or short 75mm from a sherman can take it out if you hit it in the right spot. things like engines, fuel, ammo stores, etc are all modeled as are thigns like round weight, velocity, post penetration, spalling, etc.

                    so, i mean i get the whole ww2 played out thing just keep in mind when making your mental decision that this isnt medal of honor or bf42 nor is it as detailed as say red orchestra (in terms of infantry detail ww2ol's tanks are miles ahead of red orchestra imo).