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Would you play this game if the dev supported linux?

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    Originally posted by Setlec View Post
    If i've gone a bit political please delete my post, right a way!
    being political about it is perfectly fine in my eyes as long as u can back it up, which you do. And you are absolutely right. We sit down and enjoy a good game of world war 2. Wait what? When put into perspective we are sick sick creatures. My grandfather hauled bodies in WW2. If he knew that today we played games about it, he would be downright disgusted .


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      If it was native I guess I'd play it. The scale and the landscape full of plants and bushes is just great.
      I once saw a video where even the impact is calculated semi-realistically. Like a projectile penetrates the armor, hits the munition or the gunner or whatever and so on.


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        I miss good strategy/tactic games for linux (WWII or not, but the theme of WWII appeals to me for sure). I dont like the subscription model but I would certainty buy (as in pay for) a good strategy/tactics game. It doesn't even have to be 3D (could be something like commandos-behind enemy lines), can be a RTS or turn-based.