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A New Game Comes To Linux And It's Not A FPS

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    Originally posted by thefirstm View Post
    Those are silly games, anyway. If you so much as touch the wheel/stick your car spins out uncontrollably.
    Wow... talk about cynical. Race Driver Grid is one of the best games to come out in probably the last 5 years. Not every car in the game handles or accelerates the same. You just have to adjust. What I find annoying is racing games where virtually every car handles great and the only difference in the better cars is the top speed.

    Then again, to each is own


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      I know this is a linux website, but I saw this game on steam a few days ago on sale for $4.99.


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        Originally posted by xeros View Post
        I get:
        $ quantz
        quantz: radeon_mipmap_tree.c:117: compute_tex_image_offset: Assertion `lvl->size > 0' failed.
        when I click on the "symbol" to start the game or if I want to skip intro by clicking the mouse. Kubuntu 9.10, ATI Radeon 9600 AGP 256MB - open source radeon driver version 6.12.99+git20090929.7968e1fb-0ubuntu1.

        Anyone knows where to report this bug?
        It's probably just a known limitation with your graphics drivers. radeon_mipmap_tree is probably in mesa, given the name. I doubt Quantz itself has specialized mipmap functions for radeons...

        I'd guess either max supported texture size is too small, or lack of support for s3tc compressed textures. (aka dds, aka dxtn). Software patents prevent mesa from supporting the gl extension, but there's an env var and a driconf setting to advertise support for GL_ARB_S3TC, or whateve the extension is called, when only decompression is available, but not compression. Or download and compile libtxc_dxtn. Anything you need more detail on should be findable with google given the keywords in this paragraph.

        I haven't tried quantz yet, and I recently got a vid card and switched from intel to catalyst drivers, so that's all the help I can give.

        If it's GL limits that are the problem, it would be good if the game developers had quantz check the GL limits and extensions available before using them, and maybe even made sure quantz worked on Free systems that don't use any patent-encumbered code. But giving useful error messages instead of assertion failures would be a big improvement. The error messages could have URLs for whatever wiki or doc is the current best resource on the texture compression patent problem, or something. Or if mesa drivers need some other tweak, then document that.

        So yeah, I'd still agree that a quantz bug report is in order. It's always a bug when a user sees an assertion failure. The reddit page has an email addr, and the devs seem to be replying to problems reported in the comments. So that would be a good place for a report. (edit: I see you already noticed that yourself several hours ago.)
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          The download links don't work anymore. I get a 404 error. Any alternatives?


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            Originally posted by yotambien View Post
            Have you checked Racer out? It's a simulator rather than a game. The physics look absolutely awesome.
            No, I didn't, but I will check it soon. Thanks.


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              Racer is, ehm... kinda completely user content driven.

              What I mean is: you get a menu to connect to a server. You can then download a track from it and a car (God knows how beautifull or ugly the track is and how the car looks and how it behaves... >.<) and then race.

              It's... a race sim but... Can't realy describe it. It lack some overall contstant...


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                Download links return 404...


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                  Originally posted by SheeEttin View Post
                  Would anyone mind sharing the .deb or .tar.gz? The links on Reddit are all dead.
                  Sorry, but
                  Originally posted by COPYING
                  1. GRANT OF LICENSE: Subject to the terms below, Gamerizon hereby grants you a
                  non-exclusive, non-transferable license to install and to use the Software.
                  Under this license, you may: (i) install and use the Software on a single
                  computer, only for the purpose of personal enjoyment and (ii) copy the Software
                  for backup or archival purposes only. You may not distribute the software to
                  others without first obtaining the required authorization or license from


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                    Still not up again - I hope the guys have enjoyed their weekend.


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                      Originally posted by Schugy View Post
                      Still not up again - I hope the guys have enjoyed their weekend.
                      Can't somebody just get the source from the Ubuntu repositories or something? The older versions are FLOSS. The newest version is closed source...

                      But it's a waste of time anyway. If you are looking for an awesome race sim then you sure as hell won't find it by downloading Racer. You controll you freaking car with your mouse... If you don't have a HID USB controller with analog sticks then you're screwed anyway :')