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Alien Arena 7.32 Brings More Improvements

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  • Alien Arena 7.32 Brings More Improvements

    Phoronix: Aliena Arena 7.32 Brings More Improvements

    Alien Arena 7.31 was released just earlier this month and it brought improved shadow volumes, vertex buffer object management, sound improvements, new weather effects, and other improvements to this open-source first-person shooter. While this update was significant to Alien Arena gamers, today it has been outdone by Alien Arena 7.32. The Alien Arena 7.32 update brings dynamic world shadows using shadowmaps, a new game map (dm-zion2k9), splash damage now triggers hit indicator sound, and there are new spawn effects...

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    "Aliena Arena" is the Italian port?


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      The main reason for updating was that here was a critical bug, the game crashed on startup with NVidia 191.xx drivers.

      This btw, is something that affects a large amount of commercial games that were based off of id Software engines.


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        Honestly my one problem with this and most FOSS FPS's is the lighting. I'm not sure if its just the intended atmosphere and that other players and in game objects are difficult to see as a side-effect, or if it is a strategy for making the game more challenging. Maybe its just the way id built the engine. Does anyone else find the constant darkness a turn-off? Does that just make the game for most people and I'm just weird?


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          Most of the time in FPS games the darkness is for atmosphere. That said, it's pretty simple enough to adjust video settings to make things more visible.