Now is the time to show your support.

For 1 week to celebrate their birthday 2dboy are selling world of goo (for all formats) for as much as you would like to spend !


(like radiohead did....)

I know this game will not be for everyone - for me it reminds me of the lemmings madness .....

The demo was addictive and am looking forward to playing - I have just bought it (for 8 dollars (about ?5) ... bit skint this month..)

Although one word of warning - I can't actually get my download at the min - the link reads

"The Birthday Sale has made our poor little server VERY busy. Try loading this page again in a few minutes, or even a few hours later if you want to be extra nice while we scramble to get more mirrors up. Thank you, from both the 2DBOYS!"

hopefully i'll have it soon!

I imagine this game will last for some time also (unlike many modern fps's)


EDIT : Download link now working !

Its actually more awesome than I thought - you can choose multiple versions - i.e you can get a .deb / .rpm and (important for arch users) a .tar.gz file.