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Support Linux Gaming - Buy world of goo for as much as you like !! (for 1 week)

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  • Support Linux Gaming - Buy world of goo for as much as you like !! (for 1 week)


    Now is the time to show your support.

    For 1 week to celebrate their birthday 2dboy are selling world of goo (for all formats) for as much as you would like to spend !

    (like radiohead did....)

    I know this game will not be for everyone - for me it reminds me of the lemmings madness .....

    The demo was addictive and am looking forward to playing - I have just bought it (for 8 dollars (about ?5) ... bit skint this month..)

    Although one word of warning - I can't actually get my download at the min - the link reads

    "The Birthday Sale has made our poor little server VERY busy. Try loading this page again in a few minutes, or even a few hours later if you want to be extra nice while we scramble to get more mirrors up. Thank you, from both the 2DBOYS!"

    hopefully i'll have it soon!

    I imagine this game will last for some time also (unlike many modern fps's)


    EDIT : Download link now working !

    Its actually more awesome than I thought - you can choose multiple versions - i.e you can get a .deb / .rpm and (important for arch users) a .tar.gz file.
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    I bought a copy as well. It's a damn fine game. I recommend everyone try out the demo. I honestly didn't expect much, but I was pleasantly surprised.


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      Wow, it's awesome they did this. I thought the approach by Radiohead was awesome when it was first tried out in a big way, and at the time I unrealistically thought it would catch on. That seems to have happened with the creators of this game. I'm looking forward to playing the game now that I own it.


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        So I'm wondering how much everyone paid for this game, just to see how such distribution works for the company.

        Out of the people who bought this game during this sale, what did you pay?


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          $15... It's worth the $20 they asked for it, because it's at least that much entertainment.


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            Just buy it for 1$ and give it as gift to me


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              $20... like Svartalf said it's worth every penny. Not only that but I have to offset Kano but is it actually offsetting if I paid the sticker price? Guess not.


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                Originally posted by Kano View Post
                Just buy it for 1$ and give it as gift to me
                If I wasn't broke, I'd do $10-15 and give it, Kano...


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                  I paid $20 for it a couple months ago.


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                    I bought it as soon as it was released, even if I played it for free in the beta