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  • Shadowgrounds issues

    I notice when I saw loaded up the LGP utility program, there was an update for Shadowgrounds. Everything went well and dandy during the update. Now that I try to run the game I get the following error

    shadowgrounds: error while loading shared libraries: cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory
    This is Ubuntu 64 bit 9.04 with latest official Nvidia drivers. All my other game run fine. Any help will be great.

    I realize if I go to the directory where the game is stored, I can run the game. I reckon the updates screwed something up with the bin file maybe??
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    you said:
    "I realize if I go to the directory where the game is stored, I can run the game."

    so a temporary fix, to shorten the explanations:

    you can always make a 'launcher'(shortcut), that simply executes the following command:

    sh -c "cd path/to/Dir/from-/home; exec /path/to/dir/executable"

    i dont have shadowgrounds but just to illustrate an -example:

    sh -c "cd Shadowrounds; exec /home/gforum/Shadowgrounds/Shadowgrounds"

    this in a situation where the "Shadowgrounds" executable is in the Shadowgrounds folder, inside you HOME directory.



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      Thanks for the advice, and does that overwrite the original shadowgrounds exec with the new exec command we created?


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        step1: right click in your desktop -> create launcher
        step2: fill the command part with the explained above.

        now translating:

        sh is a shell executable, in essence you're saying:
        -call the terminal,
        run a 'command' = -c,
        then you display the command = "first go to the following dir(cd dir), then(; ) run the following executable(dir/runfile).

        so in essence its the same thing as if you opened the terminal, and then typed "cd dir", then in the dir typed "shadowgrounds", and ran it.

        its just doing that with one click, it doesnt 'overwrite' anything...

        hope that clears it up.

        btw, someone else should give you a proper answer on fixing the actual issue. I recall Svartalf talking about things like that the other day, but hes not around now so...
        but its certainly a lib issue, i'd say check back with LGP, its their duty to aid you.

        since i dont have shadowgrounds, i cant properly help you there.

        best of luck!


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          It would be more easy to add a

          cd "$(dirname $0)"

          in the startup script.


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            same thing, but mine creates a desktop icon, which i assume LGP doesn't by default.


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              Usually the installers add a Desktop entry in the games menu.


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                Well the installer was fine and everything worked. It was when LGP update utility updated Shadowgrounds that the desktop icon stop working. I did send an email to tuxgames about the the issue and I will post what they say.