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Alien Arena 7.31 Brings Game, Engine Work

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  • Alien Arena 7.31 Brings Game, Engine Work

    Phoronix: Alien Arena 7.31 Brings Game, Engine Work

    Just days after the release of Nexuiz 2.5.2 that brought many new features to this popular open-source game, Alien Arena is out with a new version. Alien Arena 7.31 is the new version of this multi-platform first-person shooter and it too boasts a modest change-log. The list of Alien Arena 7.31 changes are available at, but some of the key changes include improved shadow volumes with self shadowing, vertex buffer object management, sound improvements, Anisotropic image filtering, new weather effects, two new levels, and various run-time optimizations...

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    Our next release will probably be in about 3 - 5 months and be more of a content explosion/revival, but we might be changing model format so that we can use ragdolls, as well as modifying the map format. There are some other engine features we are working on too, and are also keeping a close eye on Id Sofware to see if they release tech4(not holding my breath) as there are some items in that code we are interested in cobbling.

    A big new feature that is in the works(and is actually functioning) is integrating Lua scripting to allow users to make custom game types.


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      It's good to see that Alien Arena is thriving, I really like this game, more content is of course most welcome


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        Looks like our next release might come alot sooner than expect...not by choice though Nvidia 191.xx drivers completely break the game. Got the fix working, gonna put together a patch and new release.