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Quake 4 On XP, Vista, & Linux

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  • Quake 4 On XP, Vista, & Linux Quake 4 On XP, Vista, & Linux

    For the release of Cedega 6.0 "Swordfish" later this week, Phoronix will be offering a performance comparison of Enemy Territory and Doom 3 running natively in Microsoft Windows XP, Microsoft Windows Vista, and Linux. Along with those numbers we will be sharing the results when each game was benchmarked in WINE 0.9.32 and Cedega 6.0. Originally Quake 4 was on the table for use in this co...

    Michael Larabel is the founder and executive editor of Phoronix. On top of Phoronix he blogs at on various technology topics, random thoughts, and much more.